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Essential Factors to Boost Your Brand Visibility in Google

Author: Sarah Lauren
by Sarah Lauren
Posted: Feb 23, 2018
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Securing a prominent and note-worthy position on the digital landscape is no doubt a tough and continuous battle. With the evolution of technology, many new strategies have surfaced the market. To stay ahead of your competitors and from saving yourself from the perks and pitfalls of branding, you need to consult experts in respective fields like those of logo deisgn company in UK.

Moreover, there are some key elements involving professional search engine marketing, which will help you in marking a potential spot and to beam with all your glory in high-ranking pages over Google this year. Read on!

Implement Advancement In Technology

So much buzz has been created in the world of technology, from 360-degree videos to AI integration in Google’s interface and everything in between. The advancements provide an opportunity to marketers to increase their site’s productivity by implementing them. Many reputable brands have improvised their outlooks by uploading immersive video content, which is undoubtedly gaining much of the attention of viewers, have served in optimizing the productivity. Therefore, you need to keep pace with the advancements and famous trends, which will increase traffic on your site eventually bringing you in the top searches.

Practice Expert SEO Trends

As you know that search, engine optimization involves techniques that can help you promote your business faster and it makes your brand easily accessible to the target audiences. Similarly, one such medium, which generates maximum productivity, is YouTube. Upload interactive videos on YouTube and enjoy the likes, comments, and feedback from valued customers. Keep them engaged by frequently uploading valuable videos. You can also make use of Google+, which is a potential platform as well.

How To Increase User Engagements On YouTube

However, now you get the idea to use YouTube for branding but you might be unaware of the expert ways. Well, to make progress on this platform you need to create Meta Tags, description, review pages, and a profile through which you can establish engagements. Users will subscribe your channels and will be notified about any recent update. In the Meta tags, you need to index keywords. The most searched key phrases bring your audiences to your channel.

Evergreen Content

The content part is the most important and plays the role of a backbone. It helps you spread brand awareness across multiple channels. What you need to do is, from headers to footers; make sure that every part blossoms with rich, optimized, valuable and interactive content. You have to make sure that your work is free of errors along with depicting a sound strategy. The best technique to follow is the inverted pyramid style. Intis trick you enter the most important part on the top, so when a visitor arrives he will get the idea of your business instantly. The next part involves less important information and least is the not-so-important part of your content.

Page Speed

As per recent research, the attention span of customers is short. They do not want to waste more than 99 seconds on a site because they have multiple options other than your site offering the same product at a double speed. Therefore, you need to make sure that the loading time of your site is faster and that it gets completely loaded within much lesser time displaying each and every part with clarity. Moreover, some professional tools can help you monitor your page speed and remove any bugs that hinder its performance. Mostly designers add heavy graphics and high-definition pictures even on not-so-important spaces brings down the overall performance of the site.

Mobile Friendly

The robust manner of making your SEO techniques productive and profitable is by focusing on making your site mobile friendly. You have to make sure that your content is designed in a way that it looks perfect on a mobile device. In case if the website is dysfunctional or hard to navigate on smart devices, the bounce rate increases and it strikes a serious blow to the progress as well. It involves a highly innovative and professional approach to create such a site that provides consistent experience whether accessed through a smartphone or a desktop.


The last technique, which you need to ponder, is PPC. Create such compelling campaign that sticks in the mind of your viewers. This paid marketing serves effectively only if you implement productive measures. Your campaign should have valuable content, call-to-action, link to your landing page, and most captivating theme. It should have the right keyword indexed and beams with a creative touch. The more clicks you receive the more revenues you will be able to accumulate.

The bots working over Google skims every part of your site and look for elements that are relevant and approachable. Hence, you only need to add and highlight those aspects in your work to enjoy unbeatable success and uncountable organic traffic.

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Sarah Lauren is an enthusiastic writer, blogger, and a digital marketer. She has an ample experience of writing on various tech related topics including logo design, web design, etc.

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