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Cervical Cancer In Women- Latest Technologies To Improve Diagnoses

Author: Samuel Cook
by Samuel Cook
Posted: Mar 18, 2014
cervical cancer

Cervical cancer amongst women has become quite common. So firstly let us identify the cervical cancer causes. This is the second most type of cancer, the first being breast cancer.

With so many medical improvements, treatment for this cancer is not available to women. In fact, cervical cancer aggravates over a period of time. The treatment includes hysterectomy which means including the uterus. Lymph nodes may have to be removed completely or else the woman may find it difficult to conceive.

The other procedures or treatment for this cancer include the loop electrosurgical excision method which is definitely cheaper and there is no major operation or surgery that needs to be undertaken. Under the supervision of a local anesthetist, the procedure can be conducted at the doctor's clinic as well. As prevention of cervical cancer, women need to undertake regular annual cervical tests and procedures so that they are well aware of the health of their uterus and their sexual organs.

Cone biopsy procedures help in getting rid of the sample of the mucus and later radiation may be performed. In case, the cone biopsy does not succeed, the trachelectomy wherein only that part of the cancerous portion is operated and removed. The ovaries and the uterus remain as they are and if those parts are not affected, only the cancerous portion is removed.

It is important that the woman keep a check on her body. Other symptoms of this cancers include vaginal bleeding where there is occurrence of blood. Women reaching menopause will have to check for these. Excessive vaginal discharge and appearance and odor of the discharge has to be given attention too.

Pain after intercourse or even pelvic pains are other symptoms of this cancer. If the woman is suffering from continued back pain, weakness, fatigue, it needs to be checked. Swollen lymph nodes are also indications that there is something that the body is lacking. Appetite loss and severe tiredness over continued periods of time are other symptoms that just cannot be ignored.

Other traditional methods of treatment of this cancer include radiation and chemotherapy. The brachytherapy also helps in curing cervical cancer. It has been researched and established that cervical cancer deaths are very much prevalent. The HIPV virus causes it and when the body is not able to fight this virus, it leads to cancer. Women who are smokers and who also have severe drinking habit or have heredity of cervical cancer in their family are prone to attracting cervical cancer. It is advised that women refrain from having multiple sexual partners.

The treatment of this cancer includes chemotherapy, radiation therapy and if the cancer has not spread, even medication will help. The tumor size, the age of the patient also has an effect on the treatment.

It is important that women regularly go for gynecology checkups especially once they are over the age of forty. The chances of conceiving are definitely less for women who are suffering from cervical cancer and it is advised that they do not conceive.

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