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What Are The Advantages Of A Marital Separation Agreement?

Author: Carl Glendon
by Carl Glendon
Posted: Oct 04, 2017

Find out about the advantages of a marital separation agreement, and how it can be useful.

A marital separation agreement is a written legal document that memorializes your marriage as well as divorce papers before a breakup. The deals of separation need to be agreed on, and notarized as well as to be effective. A new split up agreement has to be entered into it, along with full disclosures by every part in order to be enforceable. Find out about some of the top advantages of a marital separation agreement in New York.


A divorce, separation or contested breakup that lacks any type of agreement can be very expensive, and involve the costs of a professional lawyer, submission fees and courtroom fees. In contrast, divorce proceedings are easier when both parties settle everything by agreement. This is far less expensive. An understanding in the form of marital separation agreement can remove the divorce expenses by solving the vital issues of martial dissolution, such as residence submission, supporting children, infant visitation and custody, alimony and more.

Faster separation

Separation is faster with divorce agreement as well. It usually allows faster split of couples who are having disagreement with each other, without the need for separation documents. Usually, most states let couples split up quickly with this type of contract. Across countries, a divorce contract usually goes on for a long time. It is often that young couples understand that there is a need to try working on the marriage for some time before calling it quits. An agreement allows them this time, and separate faster when they need to.

Asset protection

These agreements also aid in dividing assets and property in case of a divorce, and provide business owners and their families with a great amount of protection. Intelligent entrepreneurs understand that this contract is mainly valuable for lending protection, asset protection and family protection.

A prenuptial agreement is the commonest type of marital property contract. It understands and separates the interests of owners in properties owned prior to marriage and even those acquired after marriage. This is an important feature as it can protect the separate property of the non-business owner from creditors as well as the liability of the spouse of the business owner. These contracts can also address the future income.

Rights and Responsibilities

The marital separation agreement in New York clearly delineates the rights and responsibilities of both partners opting for separation, such as child support, spousal support and custody of child or children. This is all about responsible planning.

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Carl writes often about legal drafting and help You can find his thoughts at marital settlement agreements blog. Please visit this site to draft a sample marital separation agreement in Ohio.

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