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Can we Prevent Male Pattern Baldness?

Author: Anjali Avenues
by Anjali Avenues
Posted: Oct 05, 2017
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Yes of course, it is possible to fight male pattern baldness with necessary treatments and transplantation techniques but before actually fighting for eliminating the symptoms of male pattern baldness it is essential to know the causes of the male pattern baldness. The treatments can only be suggested if one knows the causes and symptoms of the male pattern baldness. Once you feel that you are facing any hair issue like male pattern baldness you must consult a Hair Specialist in Ahmedabad for finding out what actually the hair problem is.

Some of the cause of male pattern baldness can be:

While there can be many possible reasons why men face hair loss issues some of these can be:

  • Losing hair due to ill effect of serious diseases

  • Due to some reaction from certain medications

  • Because of extremely stressful events that caused stress

  • In most cases hair loss in men can be blamed on heredity.

  • In more than 90% of the cases male pattern baldness is due to Androgenetic alopecia.

It is sad that male pattern baldness and other hair related issues have grown with time. It is certainly ok to lose hair after an age of 60 – 70 but these days due to changing habits and several other reasons men start losing their hair at an very early age of 35-50. When an individual loses hairs he feels demotivated which somehow affects him physically, emotionally and personally. Hair loss makes men looks ugly and thus he may start avoiding public appearances which leads to losing of self confidence. It is strange that hair issues can create such major issues in males but it is extremely good to know that this can be treated. The extreme stage of hair loss is complete baldness which no one wish to reach to, thus It is advisable that once you notice any sign of male pattern baldness consult your hair specialist immediate before it is too late but

How to identify Male pattern baldness?

It is easy to identify symptoms of male pattern baldness which can be some among these:

  1. A fixed pattern of a receding hairline

  2. After which there can be thinning of the hair on the crown and temples

  3. This may also leave a horseshoe shape around the back and sides of the head.

  4. Sadly at adverse cases it may lead to complete baldness

Thus if you feel that you are prone to male pattern baldness, it is advisable to consult a doctor who can suggest you right hair treatment or transplantation solution. Some of the treatment for male pattern baldness can be

  • finasteride and minoxidil

  • Corticosteroid & Topical corticosteroids

  • Mesotherapy & Immunotherapy

There are various treatments alternatives to this among which major is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation provides a true and permanent treatment to male pattern baldness such that it never reversed back. If you are planning for hair transplantation you must only trust Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad Gujarat at Avenues Clinic.

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