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Things every city woman should know about using pepper guard for self defense

Author: Yashi Ganguly
by Yashi Ganguly
Posted: Oct 05, 2017
self defense

If you happen to be residing in a city and often have to travel alone chances are that you already have faced some kind of threat to your security, though it might have been not physical or grave in nature.; it could have been a remark or someone following you few yards then giving up or may have rubbed shoulders with you. All these situations are potential threat situations as most serious crimes against women happen this way and then turn into an assault. Here it would be pertinent to note that not all threat perceptions to women are sexual in nature.

The robbers and snatchers find women, especially woman going alone as easy targets thinking that their response would not be violent and they could easily over power them. This too is a safety risk and goes without saying can be life threatening. It is thus always advisable that women should keep alert while moving around and should be prepared enough physically and mentally to ward off any wrong doer.

Here are a few simple things that have been suggested by many experts and so are very effective in making yourself secure even if you may not be a martial art expert. Remember that it is always good to take preventive measures and should they fail then only you would take some decisive steps.

The first thing that you should do is make yourself less of a target. When walking around, do so in relatively busy areas which are properly lit and have shops nearby. Avoid taking streets that are dingy and less used even if they are shortcut. Pick 'safer' areas to walk in. If it is really that late or you are really alone or are in a neighborhood you do not feel comfortable in, do not hesitate to call a cab or somebody to pick you up.

Next, do not ever try to engage with the assailant until unless it cannot be avoided. Assailants are always prepared for that situation. Do not wear heels—wear shoes you will be able to run in. Know the area you are in. If it is late then look for a petrol pump, cinema hall, or a mall that will be open. Don't burden yourself with overly heavy bags or briefcases, if need be throw them and make your hands free. The easiest way to defend against an attacker is to learn basic self defense. Learning certain strikes and grapples will go further in high stress situations.

If initial escape is not a practical option, you want to incapacitate the threat long enough for you to get away. You can you pepper guard which is effective in such situations. However, Where you keep it also very important. Apart from this, most self defense pepper sprays have range in which they are effective so don’t take it out too early. Let him come in your range so that you can immobilize him. Most women wear pretty tight clothing which isn't conducive to concealing any kind of weapon. Keeping pepper spray or a gun buried in a purse isn't very helpful.

Again it is very important what you do after you have used your pepper gard. The first thing is strike them in vulnerable areas like the nose, neck, kidney, groin and knee and then run for help as fast as you can.

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