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Quick Inflatable Hot Tub Buying Guide

Author: Shirley Balerio
by Shirley Balerio
Posted: Oct 07, 2017
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Owning a hot tub used to be something that was out of reach for most of us because of how expensive spas are. But, in the past couple years, technology has advanced enough that inflatable hot tubs are now viable alternatives for long terminflatabesble hot tub reviews as well as do some research yourself. Inflatable spas come in all shapes and sizes so this might be a difficult task. This article is intended to provide you a few suggestions to help you with that process. use. Inflatable spas cost about 1/10th of the cost of what fixed hot tubs run, yet are able to provide a similar experience. That means that the luxurious spa experience is now within reach of many more people. Picking out the right one can be an intimidating process, though, because they come in many shapes and sizes. In order to find the perfect spa, you will need to read the best inflatable hot tub reviews as well as do some research yourself. Inflatable spas come in all shapes and sizes so this might be a difficult task. This article is intended to provide you a few suggestions to help you with that process.


One of your first concerns, when searching for the best inflatable spa, should be how long the product will be able to last without failure. Longevity is a direct reflection of the quality of the components and craftsmanship of the product, so you should evaluate each component separately to make sure that the tub is crafted with high quality.

First look at the material that the tub basin is crafted out of. The best inflatable hot tub cisterns are constructed out of durable 3-ply material. 3-ply material is fabric that is 3 combined layers. Most 3-ply material starts with a polyester core because polyester is strong, flexible, and resistant to tearing. The problem with polyester, though, is that it is a woven fabric so there is potential for air and water to penetrate the material. In 3-ply material, the polyester core is surrounded by a layer of PVC on each side. PVC is plastic and is impermeable by water or air. The materials complement each other very well, creating a strong tear resistant impermeable membrane.

Whenever you sit on the best inflatable hot tubs, the walls hardly move. You feel like you’re sitting on a solid material. The reason for this is because the tub walls have internal support that connects the inner walls to the outer walls. The walls are connected to each other with strong fibers so that the walls cannot expand. This means that whenever you sit on the tub wall, the air pressure is distributed across the entire tub membrane evenly, reducing the risk of failure at any specific spot.

Aside from the material that the tub is constructed out of, there are other areas you can look at to make sure the spa is built with high quality. The tub should come with a thick leatheroid cover to keep debris out of the tub and to keep the heat in. It should connect to the tub with thick buckles. The handles that attach to the tub should also be thick and durable and feel like they can support significant weight without ripping from the tub.


Your second concern should be with how well the tub is equipped to handle the demands that you plan on placing on it. Inflatable hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes so you want to pick the one that is right for you. If you plan on using the tub by yourself or with one other person, then look for a smaller oval shaped tub. If you plan on having up to 4 people in your tub, then a circular 210-250 gallon tub is most appropriate. If you plan on using your tub with more than 4 people, you will need a 6 person tub which is usually over 250 gallons. We recommend that you always purchase a tub that is smaller than you expect you need because they are easier to maintain and less expensive.

The heat pump affects the ability of your tub to increase the water temperature and maintain max temperature in cold weather. If you plan on using your tub in the winter or need to be able to heat your water quickly, then this performance rating will be important to you. Pumps have flow rate measurements which is a measurement of the rate that they can process water. Look for a rating higher than 300 gallons/hr if you are purchasing a 200 gallon+ tub. The rule of thumb is that the pump should be able to process and filter the volume of the tub 1.5 times per hour.

The power rating of the pump is a rating of the potential heat output that the pump can support. Different companies measure power in different ways (Watts, Volts, etc) so this metric might be hard to compare. But, all companies list a similar metric, temperature increase rate. This is a measurement of how fast the pump can increase the temperature of the water. Don’t settle for anything less than 1 degree F per hour, and look for something closer to 2-3 degrees F per hour. Any rating in the 2-3 range will be powerful enough to keep your water hot in cold ambient air temperatures.

You will need to decide whether or not jets are important to you. An inflatable hot tub usually has bubble jets, but not hydro jets. A bubble jet is a perforated tube that runs along the bottom of the tub and pumps tiny bubbles into the water. The air comes from the same internal air pump that you use to inflate your spa. Air jets are fun and provide a pleasant soaking experience, but they are not the same as the hydro jets that most people are used to. Hydro jets shoot jet streams of water back into the tub, providing the nice massage-like sensations when the streams of water contact the body. Hydro jets require an additional water pump and duct work inside the tub walls. The additional hardware usually increases the price of the tub by two hundred dollars. If you are looking for the most lavish experience, than hydro jets are the way to go. But, if you are looking for a more affordable option, we think that the bubble jets are a wonderful alternative.


Advancements in technology have allowed manufactures to produce inflatable hot tubs that provide an almost identical soaking experience as fixed tubs that cost 10 times as much. The hardware of inflatable spas has increased in quality to the point that inflatable spas are now viable long term alternatives to their more expensive fixed big brothers. Purchasing the best inflatable hot tub for your specific environment may be a daunting task, though. Hopefully the suggestions above are enough to lead you in the right direction. If you are still unsure, feel free to check out experts picks at Tub Headquarters.

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