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How to make money in commodities?

Author: Nayna Bhardwaj
by Nayna Bhardwaj
Posted: Oct 10, 2017

Commodities can be defined as a broad term referring to raw materials and produce metals like silver, gold and copper. And crops like corn, soybeans and grains. Commodities ate traded worldwide and making money in commodities is not easy. Maximum number of traders lose money rather than make it. Hence, traders prefer taking commodity tips to minimize the chances of risk. It is important for traders to understand the market. Commodities trading is difficult due to one reason, that is there is no right time to enter or exit the market.

Traders and investors should learn how economics can affect commodity prices. You can invest in commodities by many ways, which includes futures market, buying options on futures contracts, the actual commodities and buying the stock of companies whose business model involves commodities.

Methods of trading physical commodities

  1. Understand physical commodity transactions: Commodities includes many products, which includes raw material agricultural products, petroleum products, and industrial and precious metals. In specialized markets, physical commodities are bought and sold in bulk for immediate delivery. These markets are known as the "spot" or "cash" market. The majority of traders who participate in the spot market are producers. And the users of commodity are able to finance and store large amounts of a commodity, which are refinery buying crude oil or a flour miller buying wheat and corn. Due to consequences, individual traders and investors rarely purchase any physical commodity except precious metals like gold, silver, platinum. or palladium.
  2. Buy or sell physical commodities: To buy physical commodities, you can visit specific websites or exchanges where they are sold. Standard brokerages does not make this available. To find a reputable market to buy commodities can be difficult. However, you can look for well-known authorities to point you towards safe places to trade physical commodities. The World Gold Council always maintains a list of reputable sites selling gold coins and bullion.
  3. Store your physical commodities: You need to store the physical commodities in secure locations until sale. To protect yourself from a total loss if the commodities are stolen, you can buy insurance. This cut into potential gains and both of these increase the cost to the investor.

Traders need to have proper trading ideas and strategies to earn well in the market. Commodity market is quite risky and many traders have faced loss by trading in commodities. However, it also gives huge opportunities to earn maximum benefit on your invested capital. A good stock market advisory plays a vital role in traders success, they provides you various financial services which are very effective and also helps you to know about market trend and performance. So that they can invest with some idea about the market. Every trader should get information about the market because to know the market is very important before investing.

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I am interested in financial market so I wrote my article on the commodity market. The market is very interesting and once you understand how it works you'll like it too.

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Author: Nayna Bhardwaj

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