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Selenium Interview Questions & Answers

Author: Tejaswini Teja
by Tejaswini Teja
Posted: Oct 11, 2017

Q. What is Selenium?

Selenium is one of the most popular automated testing tools. Selenium is designed in a way to support and encourage automation testing of functional aspects of web based applications and a wide range of browsers and platforms.It has become one of the most accepted tools amongst the testing professionals because of its existence in the Open source community.

Selenium is not just a single tool or a utility, it is a package of several testing tools and for this reason it is referred to as a Suite.

Q. Why should selenium be selected as a test tool?

Selenium is selected as a test tool because it

  1. is free and open source
  2. have a large user base and helping communities
  3. supports multiple programming languages (Java, C#, Ruby, Python, Pearl etc.)
  4. has cross Browser compatibility (Firefox, chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.)
  5. has great platform compatibility (Windows, Mac OS, Linux etc.)
  6. has fresh and regular repository developments
  7. supports distributed testing

Q. What are different Components of Selenium?

Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - Selenium IDE is a record and playback tool. It is distributed as a Firefox Plug-in.

Selenium Remote Control (RC) – Selenium Remote Control is a server that allows user to create test scripts in a desired programming language. It also allows test scripts to execute within the large spectrum of browsers.

Selenium web Driver: Web Driver is a different tool altogether that has various advantages over Selenium RC. Web Driver communicates directly with the web browser and uses its native compatibility to automate.

Selenium Grid: Selenium Grid is used to distribute test execution on multiple platforms and environments concurrently.

Q. What are the testing types that are supported by Selenium?

Selenium supports the following types of testing:

  1. Functional Testing
  2. Regression Testing

Q. What are the limitations of Selenium?

Limitations of Selenium are:

  • It supports testing of only web based applications
  • Mobile applications cannot be tested using Selenium
  • Captcha and Bar code readers cannot be tested using Selenium
  • Reports can only be generated using third party tools like TestNG or Junit.

Q. What is Selenese?

Selenese is the language which is used to write test scripts in Selenium IDE.

Q. What do you mean by Selenium 1 and Selenium 2?

Selenium RC and WebDriver, together are popularly known as Selenium 2. Selenium RC alone is also referred as Selenium 1.

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