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The Need for and Procedure of Obtaining an Apostille

Author: Aaron Anshin
by Aaron Anshin
Posted: Oct 11, 2017
hague convention

Globalization has opened up the boundaries between nations, and people are now expanding their business on foreign soil.

However, many countries have laid down the need for authentication or legalization of documents to be used in a foreign nation. For countries which are members of the Hague Convention, an apostille is required. For other foreign nations, a Certificate of Authentication is essential.

Both authentication and apostille services are provided to U.S citizens and foreign nationals by the Office of the Secretary of State. The documents to be authenticated or legalized include Power of Attorney, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Distributorship agreements; documents needed for adoption purposes, death certificates etc.

More about Certificates, Authentication and Apostilles

A certification or authentication authenticates and verifies the position of the person who has signed the respective document.

Certificates verify the identity of the person signing it. It verifies that the person is authorized by the State to do so and is therefore, genuine and valid.

A certification verifies the notary, whereas the authentication verifies the recorder of deeds, circuit clerks, judges, State Registrar of Vital Statistics. This refers to documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates divorce statements etc.

An Apostille, Los Angeles is a specific authentication done in accordance with the international treaty known as the Hague Convention. This convention abolishes the need for authentication of documents by an authority above the level of the Secretary of State for documents to be used in nations that are members of this convention.

Therefore, the certificate of authentication attached with the original document depends on the country where it is to be used. It could be a Certificate of Authentication or an Apostille.

Procedure for Obtaining an Apostille

Therefore, if any of your documents; personal or professional is to be used in a foreign nation, which is a member of the Hague Convention, you will require an apostille Los Angeles.

Here’s all you need for obtaining an Apostille

  • The original notarized document. Documents must be properly notarized. It must have an authorized notary’s signature, the notary paragraph and the seal.
  • Birth Certificates should essentially be certified copies from the Vital Statistics
  • Marriage Certificates must be copies certified by the Vital Statistics or Recorder of Deeds of the State in which the marriage had taken place.
  • Divorce Certificates must necessarily be the certified copies of the Circuit clerk of the Country in which the divorce had taken place.
  • School Documents, if any must be certified by the respective school authority.

A fee of $ 15 is chargeable for each document to be certified. Documents, however, could be of more than one page. The Check or money order must be payable to the Secretary of State.

Receipt of Authenticated Documents

Usually, the documents to be authenticated are received on the next day after submission, provided they have been submitted in the regular working hours. For quick authentication, the documents can be taken directly to the office. They can be collected in a short span of time on the same day.

About the Author

The author is an experienced notary signing agent and eminent writer in the field of notary. In this article, he has highlighted some facts on notary service as well as how a document is notarized.

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