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3 Steps to an Uncontested Divorce

Author: Kevin Smith
by Kevin Smith
Posted: Oct 11, 2017

Divorce is never easy, but all the fighting that typically goes on during a contested divorce makes the process all the more difficult. If you and your spouse agree that you want a no fuss, no muss dissolution, an uncontested divorce may work for you. Not everyone can achieve an uncontested divorce, but with the help of an uncontested divorce attorney in San Antonio, Texas, and by understanding these three basic things, you may be able to walk away from your marriage with as little headache as possible.

You and Your Spouse Need to Agree on Everything

The very premise of an uncontested divorce lies in the fact that nothing about the separation is contested. This means that you and your spouse agree about who gets the dogs, where the children will live, who will be the brand new owner to your one piece of fine art and what will become of the family home. If even one aspect of your separation is contested, a judge will need to be involved to sort out the issue for you, thereby making you ineligible for an uncontested dissolution.

You May Still Need a Lawyer

An uncontested divorce attorney in San Antonio, Texas can help you achieve your goals of an uncontested divorce. Though you and your spouse may say that you agree on everything, there may be a few aspects on which you don’t, such as child custody or alimony. An experienced lawyer can help you work through these issues and prevent the need to take your case before a judge. A lawyer is also familiar with Texas family law and knows what terms a judge will and will not agree to. Even if you and your spouse agree to certain terms, a judge may not find them suitable and request your presence in court.

You May Be Doing Yourself a Disservice

Though uncontested divorces are easier, they may not be in your best interests. Individuals that agree to an uncontested divorce usually give up more than they should simply to get the process over with. While this might seem like a good idea at the time, it could come back to haunt you in the future. To prevent having any regrets regarding your divorce settlement, work with an experienced lawyer who can successfully guide you toward a resolution that is both amicable and fair.

If you and your spouse are interested in resolving your divorce with as little hassle as possible, work with an experienced uncontested divorce attorney in San Antonio, Texas who can help make that possible.

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