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3 Types of Industrial Laser Marking System

Author: Sameer Tendulkar
by Sameer Tendulkar
Posted: Oct 12, 2017
laser marking

Such kinds of marking machines have been making the rounds for quite some time now. Laser marking is also very popular by the name of laser engraving or laser etching.

There are a number of laser marking systems that have dawned doing certain processes that can be done with the help of only these kinds of machines. This marking is a specific kind of a method that is used for marking purposes only that makes an extensive use of laser light to mark the specific materials that too using a very fine spot diameter that would range between a certain measurements.

Now a day’s with a gradual advancement and upliftment of technology, these modern technologies are very rapidly replacing the older marking methods that used to exist. There are also a number of advantaged that is prevalent in the usage of this kind of a material because of which it is being opted for usage for so many times by multiple establishments. The advantages would conclude things like an easy and flexible automation, improved environmental profile and along with that a low cost of ownership too.

Having so many benefits attached to the names attached to this system of laser marking, isn’t it obvious that its rising popularity is supposed to be in its cards for sure?

Let us have a glimpse of some of the types of this particular kind of system:


If you even have the thought of having a permanent sort of a marking to be engraved on a rigid metal surface, then lasers are just the right kind of tool for that purpose. You will literally not find any other tool as great as the lasers to do the job for you. The surface is said to go through a certain process of oxidization and then eventually be marked according to the choice of color that will be required after making certain changes in the laser’s parameters that has been set for each color. This color marking process is slowly gaining a lot of recognition in the industry due to its ability of adding a certain visual appeal to the finishing product.


Now coming onto the topic of laser foaming, this type is mainly used for creating some visually attractive optical effects in the place where the processed material appears to be lighter than the other surrounding component. Laser has also been described to be directed at certain dark plastics to form the creation of gas bubbles. These same bubbles then go through the process of cooling and embedding in the material itself to cast a reflection of light differently than its supposed surrounding.


Ablation as mentioned in the name of the process is that which is put into use for the removal of an entire layer or a thin quality film from the metals of a solid nature as well as the industrial components through the extensive but really effective laser treatment. This surface will later on most definitely be exposed to a certain kind of laser radiation and the same entire surface will go through being irradiated there on.

These Laser machines have showed quite some functions it performs. All of them are extremely useful and helpful. Not only in the helping purpose but they do a certain kind of functioning creatively as well increasing its visual appeal too. Overall this system is a rapid growing one in its respective field.

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Author: Sameer Tendulkar

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