How Schools Make First Day of Kindergarten Amazing, and Make the Children Smile

Author: Milestones Nursery
by Milestones Nursery
Posted: Oct 13, 2017

Parents are often worried about their child’s first day of school. They have a mixed feeling of emotions. There are children who go to the school with smiling faces, on the other hand, there are many who had to be dragged into the school by the teachers. This is followed up by howling, shouting, and crying at the top of their voice. Either way, the first day of kindergarten is a major milestone for kids, teachers, and parents. The launch of your child’s formal learning career, it’s also the beginning of new independence and of family life organized around school hours.

Kindergarten schools in Dubai plan special activities before and after the first day that gives your child memorable moments and a positive outlook for the upcoming year. These activities help them understand kindergarten as a rewarding new phase of life, rather than a scary separation.

LABEL THE STUDENTS – As soon as the child enters the premises with the parents or drop off by the bus give them a name tag. You can also hand over the same during the orientation program or during the final admission formalities. The name tags help the teacher in identifying the students because there are children who feel too shy to speak to the teachers. Student tags feature the first name on the front and last name, teacher name, and emergency numbers on the back!

KNOW HOW THE CHILD WILL GET BACK HOME – Even if the parents have told the teachers in advance, then too on the first-day, teachers verify with them again how their child is getting home. This is so important. When a parent says he/she will pick up his/her child today, then teachers quickly update the same in their register or chart!

HAVE AN ACTIVITY READY AS THE KIDS STEP IN – First thing teachers make sure is to keep the kids busy in their seats. This is because they might be busy talking with parents, helping students separately, consoling some criers, and more. So to keep the other kids busy, teachers give them pattern blocks or puzzles at their tables to play with.

HAVE CONTROL AND THEN START THE CLASS – Teachers at kindergarten schools in Dubai often do not start the class till they themselves are confident that the children are all set to listen to them. Remember, the kids are busy at their tables. To make them pay attention to other things, the teachers will have to take the blocks away and make them indulge in some other activity.

EVER READY FOR REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS – One in hundreds of kids, who join the school, don't even know how to hold a pencil. There are many who do not know how to color. Many do not know how to have their meals. Some end up calling their respective teacher's mom and ask for juice, snacks or candies. Some will not know how to button their pants or even go to the bathroom themselves. The list can go on and on. The staff at the kindergarten schools are very responsible and know how to teach young children how to do these things on their own.

On the very first day when the child steps into the premises, till they are ready to leave the school, the school staff makes sure that each day is a new beginning for kids. The teachers at Dubai's kindergarten schools encourage children to become, independent, confident, and great thinkers that nurture them into becoming leaders of tomorrow.

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