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Posted: Oct 13, 2017

Out of all the natural forming stones, marble has an extensive demand owing to its stunning design and color variation. It perfectly raises the beauty standard of any space it is installed in, thereby aptly contributes to the home’s elegance. Nevertheless, there are some prospective weaknesses of marble stone that cannot be ignored while considering it for homes or buildings. Pros of Installing Marble

Marble has a grainy finish owing to its peculiar interlocking crystal structure, making it a unique and strong stone. Installing this particular stone on floors or countertops delivers an art made by nature. It never fails to grab eye balls and successfully becomes the centerpiece of rooms. A marble stone enhances the aesthetics of a room and makes it more pleasant.

In order to maintain the beauty and gleam of this stone, one must keep it clean. Marble is available in a variety of different shades, which means that it will perfectly blend as per your floor or kitchen décor. As this stone is resistant to heat, it can also be placed near a cooktop.

Cons of Installing Marble

Although marble has a huge list of benefits, it cannot be ignored that this stone is highly susceptible to chemical damage such as etching and dulling. If the stone is not sealed properly or with quality sealants then it will retain oil, wine or any stains that might be difficult to eliminate. This happens because marble, by nature is a porous stone.

If you fail to care for marble in the proper ways, you would lose out on that incredible looking stone you fell in love with! Therefore, pFOkUS has specially engineered products that will help you in keeping the marble brand new and shiny for a lifetime. Read on to know how you can protect marble with much love and care.

Imperia Deep Clean- Penetrating Marble Cleaner

Marble stone cleaning with regular products diminishes the value of the surface. Imperia Deep Clean- the best quality penetrating cleaner eliminates stains, mold, mildew, bacteria and perfectly sanitizes the surface. It gently seeps into the pores and refrains from damaging the surface while bringing that perfect cleanliness.

Caponi- a Power Packed Titanium Resin-Epoxy Grout Sealer

  • Grout – a cement based element fills voids between the marble patches and if not sealed properly, it will ruin the look of the entire surface. However clean the marble might be, damaged grout will absorb liquids at a rapid pace that invites stains, mold and mildew.
  • pFOkUS brings to you Caponi- a two art pigmented titanium resin sealer that soaks into the grout pores while creating a waterproofed surface to prevent staining. It is available in 40 different shades to match your requirements.

Grout paint brush, High quality paint brushes, Best paint brushes

  • With the help of pFOkUS grout paint brushes, you can apply Caponi into the grout lines with finesse and precision. These brushes have firm and thick bristles which assist you reaching the desired results.
  • Sealant jobs will be simply mediocre without involving apt brush strokes. pFOkUS’ high quality paint brushes are 1.5" wide and they will serve their functionality to the most optimum level.

Celine- the Best Stone Sealer

A poorly sealed marble is nothing short of burden as it will lose its beauty within months. Therefore, pFOkUS brings to you Celine- a clear resin hydrophobic sealer. A single application of this Celine with pFOkUS’ high quality paint brushes will bring you long time relief.

Wait no more and grab these products at the earliest to deliver your home with the much awaited elegance. To buy the above products call us @ 404.551.3308.

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