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MgO for Rubber and MgO for Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic

Author: Allen Hu
by Allen Hu
Posted: Oct 17, 2017
magnesium oxide

Activity is an important indicators to measure the quality of magnesium oxide for rubber industry. In the rubber production, reactive magnesium oxide as one of the important inorganic activator, only add a small amount can greatly improve the degree of vulcanization.

Due to the driving force of domestic and foreign two markets in China, glass fiber reinforced plastic industry has got rapid development. Meanwhile, its downstream of the magnesium oxide industry, also going into a high-speed development period. But many magnesium oxide manufacturers said, researching and developing of high-end magnesium oxide environmental protection material have broad prospects.

You have to know, magnesium oxide, the same with zinc oxide are playing the role of liquidity and antioxidant ability, optimizing the tensile strength and impact resistance of the rubber. So they are the important compounds of halogenated rubber. In CR, magnesium oxide and zinc oxide mix as a curing agent, then magnesium oxide can reduce the activity of zinc oxide, to have the effect on slow down the vulcanization rate, in order to avoid crosslinking problems in the early time. Meanwhile, magnesium oxide can also have the effect of acid acceptor, to prevent the charred and cyclization. Secondly, the activity of magnesium oxide, that is iodine adsorption value, have a big influence on scorch resistance performance, tensility, tensile strength and hardness.

In addition, light magnesium oxide is also the frequently-used kind in rubber production. Most of the time, it plays the same role with reactive magnesium oxide. In conclusion, magnesium oxide plays an important role in rubber industry.

It is important for magnesium oxide to being used in glass fiber reinforced plastic production, such as the roles of thickener and increase the FRP brightness. So, compared with same type, the glass fiber reinforced plastic added magnesium oxide are welcomed by the markets. What is worth mentioning, not all types of magnesium oxide can be added to the glass fiber reinforced plastic, only special magnesium oxide can reach the ideal effect. MEISHEN magnesium oxide supplier can custom-made specifications by different customers requirements. In general case, we need to adjust the activity of magnesium oxide according to the change of climate. As for magnesium oxide for glass fiber reinforced plastic, it is better to choose active magnesium oxide, even more, it is better to choose higher activity of magnesium oxide for winter, and choose low activity magnesium oxide for summer.

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