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Author: Love Story
by Love Story
Posted: Oct 19, 2017

Love Story She waited in her balcony, trying to be discreet. She had earphones plugged in her ears with her favourite playlist of love songs. The truth was she was simply pretending to listen to the music, her real motive was different. The guy who lived next door was someone she desperately wanted to see, she had a crush on Chinmay for the last few months but she was sure he never noticed her. It hurt her every time, the lack of his attention. He was too shy or too polite to even say anything to her whenever they came face to face or maybe he didn’t find her interesting at all. An hour had passed since she began her pretence of listening to music just to catch a glimpse of him. She sighed and decided it was time for her to give up. A movement caught her eye and there he stood in his balcony and he was looking at her. She smiled like an idiot hoping he didn’t think she was creepy for smiling like the Joker from Batman and waved at him. He smiled at her in response, her heart fluttered at least she hadn’t wasted the last hour. She stood there for a few seconds unsure but decided to go back inside her room.

Rhea was the prettiest girl he had ever seen. She was so full of life, always happy, her eyes shone brightly every time she looked his way. For some reason he always got tongue tied around her, okay he knew the reason; he liked her. Every moment he saw her he promised himself to say something, anything but it never worked. He worried that she was out of his league that she would feel uncomfortable if he ever got the courage to approach her. Next time I will open my mouth and use my words instead of smiling like a moron who can’t speak in her presence. He was definitely smitten by her, Rhea made him feel so many emotions at once. The first time he saw her was six months ago when his family moved here and the neighbours invited them over; she sat on the couch painting her toe nails singing loudly while doing it and he knew he was in trouble. From that day to this day he remained passive in her presence. Next time, he reminded himself.

Three years later…

Rhea kept sneaking glances at him. He was talking to one of the guests but a small knowing smile played on his lips. He reached for her hand and they intertwined their fingers. The journey to this day had not been easy. The last three years were in a way coming to fruition, it was her wedding day! She still couldn’t believe that she was finally getting married. Nothing else mattered to her right now because she was where she was meant to be with the right person. Chinmay unconsciously tightened his hold on her hand and she felt a sense of peace within her. After the initial months of hesitance from both of them wore off and they started talking, they hit it off. Soon they started dating and the rest is history. Both of them were overjoyed with the thought of spending their lives together.

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