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Permaculture courses offered in Rak Tamachat

Author: Shirley Balerio
by Shirley Balerio
Posted: Oct 20, 2017
rak tamachat

You will find it enjoyable when you will make your way into a Thai style homestead. This is a harbour of very many different varieties of trees scattered everywhere. Rak Tamachat is a dream manifested that sits on a seventy-five-acre farmland located in the northeastern part of Thailand.

There is usually drastic swing of seasons in this area of Thailand. The season's changes from the extremely hot one to the rainy season. In the rainy season, farmers will have plenty of water whereby their ponds could fill up to three meters. There usually comes a challenge in the dry season whereby farmers will be even going out in search of water for their crops.

Water is never a challenge to Rak Tamachat since there is an epic array of ceramic urns of one thousand litres each set up in a series sixty of them to harvest rainwater. Rak Tamachat also usually tap into an underground aquifer that is then pumped up a water tower of up to four thousand litres. This helps to feed on the entire property for sinks, irrigation and showers.

Rak Tamachat is transitioning the farm of corn and rice from mono-cropping to a new popular permaculture system. There are so many people visiting the site day in day out and they get an advantage to be thought all that is carried out on the farm.

Rak Tamachat offers a permaculture qualification to all those who are ready to know all about permaculture. They have perfect classroom environment with their large farm where they can teach all the courses they offer. Here are some of the courses that Rak Tamachat Education Center offers;

With the help of The Rak Tamachat Education Team, Rak Tamachat has been able to design their Combined Discipline Course. This has been done so as to bring together all the key and main Permaculture Disciplines under a single course. Here at Rak Tamachat, you will have a chance to have both Adobe Method Courses in this Permaculture Discipline and a world-class Rak Tamachat Permaculture Design Course. You will find to save a lot of your money and also time.

At Rak Tamachat, you are given an introduction to Permaculture which is a Permaculture Design Course thought in a period of seventy-two hours which they believe to be good to start in preparing their learners for more in Permaculture.

Rak Tamachat also offers the Natural Building Course. They have combined the Natural Building course with the Permaculture Design Course and other training modules that they have added as a bonus. Some of these training modules are on permaponics, mushrooms and making of homemade products such as Tofu making, cheese making, tea making and soap making.

If you have ever thought of creating a dynamic and amazing permaculture farm of your dream then Rak Tamachat are ever ready to give you all skills of starting. You will gain knowledge that will allow you begin on a new route of approaching permaculture all the rest of your life. Know everything today.

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