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Harnessing The Power Of Social Media

Author: Socialight Digital Marketing
by Socialight Digital Marketing
Posted: Oct 21, 2017

Social Media – a term that was alien to many people just about a decade ago, but is now an important tool for every business. The digital presence of people concentrated on social media is more powerful than some other individual nation. Whether or not it is accepted, social media has become a huge presence in the world, and all companies would do their best to ride the wave and harness its untapped power.

The importance of social media

There are many websites and apps that fall under the social media banner, and the most important of them being Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other such media giants with a huge consumer base. Social media marketing techniques focus on advertising in these above mentioned places so that the company / brand’s name reaches far.

Digital media marketing companies run specific campaigns based on each individual website, and create content specific to the type of social media it is aimed at.

Audio Visual media

The most effective form of advertisement in social media is in the graphic or audio visual media, and the digital marketing and social media marketing companies concentrate on creating audio visual media files that promote the brand and its products or services.

Understanding the difference between each type of medium

Though it is broadly classified as social media, each website has different characteristics and limitations that would affect the way the marketing techniques feature. Facebook leans heavily on long posts, and attached image, Twitter focuses more on image or video media, with limited text. WhatsApp advertising is usually done via a different combination of both text and videos.

The best marketing companies understand the fundamental differences in these mediums and create content accordingly.

Using the power of media

The websites usually have their own promotional features available. Facebook allows for social media promotion for a predetermined price, and other websites have their own methods of promotion that can be used effectively as required. Social Media marketing is more about knowing the best promotional feature of each type of media and using them to the best of the abilities.

Knowing the audience

The type of audience and their interest rates would differ based on what type of media they use. The demographic of the users in the different forms of media would differ based on the ages of the users, and other factors including their geographical location and the reception to the content.

Knowing the audience is key to creating the content that would appeal to the target audience. If the target audience is children under the age of twelve, animation and colourful content would work. Likewise, the difference in the ages and the locations of target audience would decide on the content of the website.

Seeing both sides of it

While social media is the most powerful weapon, it can also work against the particular company with the wrong kind of propaganda. This is why it is essential to understand the positives and negatives of social media before using it as a marketing tool

Socialight is the best social media marketing company that specialises in these.


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