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Best Birthing Options Women Can Choose

Author: Samuel Cook
by Samuel Cook
Posted: Mar 19, 2014
cesarean section

Baby birth is the most crucial time especially for the mother. She has to go through that excruciating labor pain and suffer a lot to see the little bundle of joy taking his or her first breath in this world. But are all baby birth options complicated and painful? Well, there are many of us who think that all the delivery options are painful but it is not so. Complexities are always there but the pain can be handled. You have caesarean section or option where there is no pain at all but each and every type of baby birth option has its own pros and cons. The chief medical news for C section also known as cesarean section as per the research of the Brazilian researchers is that the infants that are born through cesarean procedure happen to be more prone towards obesity later on in their life.

The reason behind it as per the research is that the particular birth canal comprises of certain beneficial bacteria, which when the infants are not totally exposed to, they shall take too long to mount up good bugs. This in turn affects the metabolism. Adults suffering from obesity usually have lesser of such friendly bacteria present in their digestive system as compared to people having normal weight. Big news is that cesarean section is increasing day by day and this is not at all a favorable sign. Since the number of C section is increasing, people are now misusing it as a stream for income or a revenue stream. Statistics show that the rate of cesarean section surgery or option tops around 33% of total birth rates in USA.

Furthermore, there are approximately 10-20% of maternity departments in UK that deliver by cesarean section. Although virginal delivery happens to be the natural course of nature, at some point of time, in life threatening and serious conditions whichever for the mother or the child, it is better to opt for a safe cesarean delivery. You also have some other delivery options such as water births but these are usually executed only in less complex conditions as well as where there are no proper doctors. However, hospital births are the highest these days.

Surprisingly, there are many women today who prefer water births. The major reason behind it is that the water tends to reduce the pain that is caused because of the laboring process. When the women sit in a warm pool, they get extremely relaxed and the infant just comes out. Besides that, the pressure occurring on the stomach as well as on the back is relived to a considerable extent. This proves to be extremely relaxing and comforting for the mother. Certain benefits for the baby and for you are that the infant is used to the water since being in your womb hence the infant’s encounter with life becomes much easier.

Furthermore, the atmosphere under the water tends to stimulate the womb plus it also makes it all the more relaxing as well as comforting for the baby and for you as well. You recently have aromatherapy for delivery these days. This is another over effective delivery option.

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