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Bodybuilder's Diet - The Best Choice of Foods while on a Bodybuilding Regime

Author: Charlie Brown
by Charlie Brown
Posted: Oct 23, 2017

When you hear the word, ‘steroids' many out there may think that we are discussing something illegal to be done for enhancement of performance at athletes used to do and caught. However, all steroid intakes are not under this category. Many physicians prescribe steroids in various situations to enhance lean body mass and to increase body strength and muscles.

Even if a doctor suggests steroids or you are planning to start on it as instructed by your bodybuilding trainer, one mandatory instruction comes with it is always ‘eat better.' So, how to eat better while on a steroid cycle, let's discuss

Eat protein rich food

The primary goal if you are on a bodybuilding program is to increase the intake of lean protein. The common steroids act on your body and increase serum testosterone level in the blood. This, in turn, helps to increase body mass by expediting muscle tissue synthesis. To perform well in this aspect, the body also requires enough protein too, which we need to ensure through appropriate protein intake.

To get enough protein in the system, one can focus on intake of meat, fish, dairy, and eggs. Protein breaks down into amino acids and the serum testosterone level increase expedited by the steroids will ultimately help our body to transform amino acids into muscle tissues.

Role of steroids

Not just regarding bodybuilding, but steroids are now part of any major sports events. As we know it today, bodybuilding to the desired level is not possible without steroids. Pros also say that we cannot understand the nutritional principles and fitness terms without steroids at the background.

However, many have a misconception that it is illegal or harmful to use steroids, but it is mostly not if we are on the right track. You can find many online stores like steroids for sale co., Inc. where you can find natural steroids which are used in the bodybuilding sport widely across the globe.

Cholesterol and fats

Another dietary advice for bodybuilders trying steroids is to consume enough cholesterol and healthy fats. At a fair level, dietary fat can assist the system to function normally and supplement to the level of energy needed for heavy workouts. Cholesterol can help expedite and balance testosterone production. Good cholesterol and fat are found in abundance in egg yolks, which is the most popular advice of many leading strength coaches across the globe.

Some other suggestions for fat intake are fishes like salmon and cod. Experts also say that fats are even more critical regarding tissue generation than carbohydrates. Red meat is found better than lean poultry regarding muscle regeneration.


While on steroids, the expert advice is to restrict carbohydrate intake to more fiber-rich carb-containing foods such as whole grain and a choice of vegetables. Consumption of bran, whole oats, cauliflower, cucumbers are some excellent choices. These provide both carbohydrates and fiber alike to help one be unrelentingly active.

It is also ideal to avoid intake of simpler sugars when you are on a steroid cycle. Remember consumption of simple carbs with compromised dietary intake may also lead to insulin imbalances and even the production of some estrogenic hormones. An extra eye on a diet with steroids can surely take you some bonus miles.

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