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3D printing- the dominating future of fashion world

Author: Syed Tutul
by Syed Tutul
Posted: Oct 23, 2017
fashion world

Traditionally, sustainable fashion meant organic or recyclable materials, Designers have begun experimenting with 3D printed pieces of clothing and in doing...part lab," currently offers three different styles of 3D printed shoes, a world first.

Traditionally, sustainable fashion refers to organic or recycled materials, the designers started making 3D printed pieces and made it part lab, "currently offers three different styles of 3D printed shoes, a world first.

3D printing

It has long been tried by the fashion designers along with the scientists and chemists all over the world related to that to implement 3D printing in this sector perfectly. the field of architecture and geography has been using 3D printing to get a better model which will survive for decades. But the interesting thing is that this is starting to exhibit more potential. It has touched the world of buildings to the factory of hearing aids and it can now easily be said that the 3D printing will dominate the future world and it will create a variety of industries.

3D printing and fashion

There is no denying the fact that like other branches of life digitization has also grabbed the fashion world. It was 2010 when the designers started experimenting 3D printing in the world of fashion. The result has been ultimate- by using 3D printing a new era of art and fashion has been launched. It has increased the creativity and innovation as this 3D printing has helped the designers and printers to create some designs, which are really complicated and sometimes impossible in the true sense of the term. Not only that innovation and creativity but time is also a factor here. Huge new techniques have been possible to be implemented. At the same time, exceptional ideas and material can be used only by the blessing of 3D printing. On the contrary to the traditional printing method, 3D printing takes very little times. And another important factor is that if the 3D printing is missed, the designers can try again within very short time, which was beyond imagination only a few days ago.

The new era

As the implementation of 3D printing has already been accomplished, it is now only a matter of time to make a revolution in this sector. A huge transformation will be taken place in the world of fashion industry just after the successful implementation of this technology in massive quantity. It will save the valuable time of fashion designers and at the same time, it will save the costing also. As the designers can now print in smaller quantities, it will reduce the costing also. The customization of the designers will be easier also. As a result, a great sector of the job will be inaugurated. A leading consultant of Inkjet industry Mr. Aditya Chandavarkar has said that 3D printing industry will shake the fashion world very soon especially in case of the legal issues of copyright.

Third industrial revolution

The industrial revolution is a continuous process. Some say that it still continues and some say that the third industrial revolution has already been started. Actually, we are looking and experiencing around us new inventions every day. Thus, it is very much worthwhile to say that a revolution is going on in the industrial sector. If it is not the case, the invention and massive implementation of 3D printing will start the era.

The professional name of 3D printing is additive manufacturing. Many can’t even imagine the capability of this technology. It has really got the capability to move the world from mass production age and bring the world a reality of customizable and one-off production-which is really a new reality. The additive manufacturing or 3D printing can be termed as a transition of tool-less production methods. It will enable the manufacturer to manufacture components from 3D data. It is usually a layer upon layer and it is completely opposite to the methodologies which are conventional or traditional. This term can be also used as the synonym to rapid prototyping. Thus, it is beyond question that the future of 3D printing is great and it is endless. Actually, there is no limit to what a 3D printing can create. It can create from day to day instruments to mechanical parts and root also. Perhaps, the sky is the limit of this technology.

Some recent success

Though 3D printing started its mission from 2011, it has experienced the success just recently. A number of successful examples of 3D printing in the fashion world can be mentioned, which has also got a great media coverage. The most mention-worthy are the showcased work of Iris van Herpen and Francis Bitonti or Michael Schmidt. It was shown in Paris fashion week.

Francis Bitonti is an architect and Michael Schmidt is a fashion designer. They worked together and created a 3D printed dress for burlesque diva Dita Von Teese. In March she wore the dress in Ace Hotel in a convention which was hosted by Shapeways- an online 3D printing marketplace. At first 2,500 pieces of cloths were printed and then those were joined with hands. A black lacquer coating was included during final touch. At the same time, 12,000 Swarovski crystals were there which were hand-placed. The crystals were reflecting the iconic glamour of Schmidt and that attracted the attention of the fashion giants Rihanna, Madonna and Lady Gaga as well.

The triumphant march

Change is the rule of nature. But the change we are going to be experienced in the field of fashion for 3D printing will be massive and exceptional. It can be said without any hesitation that the 3D printing will continue its triumphant march like Alexander the great.

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