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Snoring Is It Linked With Sleep Problems

Author: Samuel Cook
by Samuel Cook
Posted: Mar 19, 2014
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Snoring can happen involuntarily and reluctantly but for the one who is sharing the bed with the person who is snoring can be a very harrowing and traumatic experience altogether. In a number of cases, it has also resulted in filing for a divorce by the spouse who has been suffering for so long. Snoring happens to be a result of basic obstruction of the air flow, both inhales as well as exhale. Although there are various causes of snoring, obstacle of the air flow happens to be the chief cause. This obstruction takes place in the air passage, where the back portion of your throat as well as the tongue meets the uvula and the soft palate.

The chief and most basic reason for the obstruction is poorly weakened or toned muscles of the throat as well as the tongue, which sways into your airway when in the relaxed state. This blocks the free channel of air at the time of each and every breath the person takes. There are numerous causes of sleep problems and snoring. For instance let us consider obesity. In this case the fats deposit around and near the neck as well as the throat of the person who is obese. As a result they have to exert a certain amount of air pressure on their airways, especially when the person is in the sleeping position.

This eventually blocks the free flow of air in as well as out and hence this leads to snoring. Another cause can be medications such as sleeping pills as well as anti histamines or alcohol cause the throat muscles to relax. This in turn causes blocked airways at the time of sleeping. Sinusitis and smoking are another two reasons of snoring. This is also because of the very similar basic cause. Furthermore, not many of us know that snoring is also stated to have genetic traits. In such cases, treatments prove to be less effectual. One neglected factor is the size of your pillow. This can induce snoring.

This means that if the size of your pillow is large, it certainly increases the particular angle of your neck. Sometimes the angle of the neck is so increased that it starts obstructing the passage of air especially when you lie on your back. If the person has sinusitis, there are certain allergies that cause blockage in the airways as well as the nose. This leads to extreme decibel snoring. This effect happens to be all the more apparent especially when the individual is already habitual to snoring.

To a considerable extent, the diet that an individual follows also exerts an extensive sway on snoring. In such cases, the obstruction of the passage of air is mainly caused because of the disproportionate production of your mucus, courtesy various fatty food products like milk as well as other milk products. As per the statistics and studies, there are almost 30 to 40 percent people around the globe who have the habit of snoring. There are various sleep disorders and snoring is one of them. But you have treatments of snoring as well as various other sleep issues such as sleep apnea. The treatment of sleep apnea cures snoring as well.

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