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The importance of software as a service

Author: Romy Fernandis
by Romy Fernandis
Posted: Oct 26, 2017


Software as a service (SaaS) is basically an alternative to what we all know, the standard installation of the software. Or the traditional model, which was in fact too complicated because the software developer had to first of all build a server, install the software and then configure it. It is a model and one of the three major components of the cloud computing, the others include the following

  • Infrastructure as a service Lexington KY(IaaS)
  • Hardware as a service Lexington KY (HaaS)

Benefits of SaaS

It is a modernized way of handling software development. what normally happens in Software as a service Lexington KY, the user doesn’t need to pay for the software. Instead, it will work for him like a rental. They will have unlimited access to the software for as long as they pay for it. There are so many benefits derived from this arrangement. Take a look.

Lower the cost

This is one of the advantages that you will get with the Software as a service Lexington KY. The costs associated with SaaS usually resides in what we’d call multitenant environment. This environment is quite advantageous since the hardware and the software license are low compared to what was there in the traditional model, thus making the cloud computing cheap as seen in the Cloud Services Lexington KY

Scalability and integration

If you look at Software as a service Lexington KY, you will realize one thing. SaaS resides in an environment that are scalable and more to that, they have an integration with some of the other SaaS offerings. The main advantage of this over the traditional model is the fact that the user doesn’t have to buy another server to configure the software.


One of the main benefit with the Software as a service Lexington KY is the upgradability. They will upgrade the solution soon it happens and make it available to the users. Unlike the traditional models where the user had to first of all buy the upgrade, then install it to their server.

Ease of usage

Come to think of it, SaaS compared to the traditional model. Which would be easier to use? Well, SaaS has won it all. Software as a service Lexington KY offers one of the easiest services to use since they have the plans and the best practices with it as well as the samples. With the SaaS, the user can do proof of the concepts and before actually digging in, they could test the service even before they could use it. More to that, Software as a service Lexington KY ensures a smooth migration which was something never witnessed in the traditional model.

Saves time

Time is a factor that you will have to consider with any software development or service. This is quite different from what was witnessed in the traditional model. In SaaS, the software is already installed and configured for you. It will help you save on the time that you’d have otherwise spent installing configuring the server.


Software as a service Lexington KY is the way to go. Make sure that you upgrade and enjoy all these benefits plus much more. SaaS is the new modernized frontier for any software development. you wouldn’t want to miss that.

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