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Myths and Truths about Investment Banking

Author: Sonali Kharve
by Sonali Kharve
Posted: Oct 30, 2017

How does it feel to be an investment banker? Or what revolves around Investment banking firms? How does the career of an Investment banker look like? Or Will I’ve no time for myself and my family if I apply for a job in an Investment Banking Company? These are some questions that haunt us when we think of the term "Investment Banking". We have made an attempt to put some light around the myths and truths about Investment Banking.

  1. Long working hours: Since demand from clients cannot be predicted, mostly banks under hire and hence, the work load is unpredictable. There is high-work load in peak hours and peak days compared to the other days.
  2. High Stress levels: It is not wrong to say that you will definitely encounter high stress levels when working with an investment banking firm. However, people still manage to have a good time irrespective of high pressures at work.

3. Investment banking is Male-Dominated: Individuals are judged based on the merits and not gender. In many investment banking companies, employers are trying their best to maintain the male-female ratio and improve the balanced.

  1. High Mathematical Powers: Candidates required in Investment Banking firms require higher intelligence and analytical skills. Though stronger math is an added advantage, they still consider the capabilities around quality and analytics than the quantities.
  2. Jargon- Foreign Language is difficult: You at least need to know the basic terminologies used in the finance sector.
  3. Higher Remuneration: It is believed that Investment Banking involves a lot of money, however, it does not hold true. The payout has been revised several times keeping the base compensation higher, however overall compensation may not be that higher.

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Born and brought up in the garden city Bangalore, I am a "numbers" person – a key reason behind me pursuing a career as an investment banker. I love to read a lot on finance, and gather insights about different investment banking companies that are doing well globally. Through my writing, I attempt to clear a lot of myths that people have developed about investment bankers as well as investment banking firms.

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Author: Sonali Kharve

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