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7 Questions You Must Ask While Selecting Your Life Partner

Author: John Hrq
by John Hrq
Posted: Oct 30, 2017

If you wish to be happy throughout your life, it is important that you choose your life partner carefully. Here are the questions you must ask while choosing the right bride or groom for you.

Can you connect with your partner?

It is very important to select the person with whom you can initiate a conversation anytime. This is necessary for avoiding any boredom and also for improving the intimacy and bonding. Also, it is necessary to get to know the feelings and responses of the other person about your actions and approach from time to time so that any likelihood of misunderstanding can be ruled out before getting worse.

Does your partner have any similar interests?

It is very useful to select a partner who can share a lot of common interests with you. It is nearly impossible to find someone who shares all your interests. However, know that when you are about to share your life with someone, it is important to decide that there are a few things that you both would enjoy doing together. For instance, if you love movies, it is good to choose someone with a liking for movies which will keep both of you engaged for hours with your common passion. Such a choice will add more flavors to your life and make it more interesting to live.

Have you considered the intelligence of your partner?

Most marriages are threatened due to the varying levels of intellects in the bride and groom. If you are a laid back individual and your wife is a high achiever, then it is most likely that your marriage faces a threat of incompatibility and eventual break. It is important that you both are comfortable to establish eye to eye contact and discuss about the different issues of life. This possibility will promote a better understanding and a smooth getting together.

Do the both of your standards match with each other?

It is never wrong to see the family standards while fixing a marriage. Though there is nothing wrong in choosing someone from a different stratum of the society, you can’t be adventurous in selecting someone completely off the mark which might impact the compatibility and harmony in the long run.

Do you both respect each other?

It is a near impossibility to spend your life with someone who has no respect for you, your personality, your goals, likes and preferences in life. It is hence important to choose one who will be able to acknowledge you for the rest of your life.

Is your potential partner trustworthy?

Especially in today’s scenario, choose someone who is trustworthy and dependable. It is not just possible to lead a happy married life with someone who you cannot trust or have faith.

Can you both spend time together?

Just as the matter of looking for similar interests, also look for someone who can give you enough time and would love to spend time with you.

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