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Hearing Loss Management in Children

Author: Anvi Sharma
by Anvi Sharma
Posted: Oct 30, 2017
hearing loss

Is your child not responding to your voice? Then may be he/she is suffering from hearing loss or deafness (in common parlance). This not only has an effect on the understanding of the child but also hinders their language, education and social development. This number is increasing due to pollution all around us in cities. Even in the villages genetic disorders are contributing to increase in the number of children suffering from this ailment. If you are in Noida an area adjacent to Delhi then you will need a doctor there. There are many Hearing loss doctors in Noida who can help you.

The parents need to be the most aware as they can help the child the most. So, what should be the course of action?

There are certain things you need to be careful of while taking care of such special children.

  • Almost 99% of parents are only hearing their own thoughts, and this leads to wrong approach to therapy.
  • Most go for auditory and verbal therapy without using any visual communication which is the most helpful.
  • First thing to understand is that hearing loss is more about the brain and not the ear.
  • Even hearing aids can be partially successful, and do not bring the whole hearing back as suggested by most therapists.

Auditory verbal therapy does help the children

Acquiring a spoken language requires hearing but that is not the only way. Children with partial or total hearing loss can benefit from this therapy. This involves early diagnosis, one to one therapy and taking help of technology. Parents are the primary caregivers and have to take part in each therapy session.

Put your children in special schools

Due to social stigma parents try to fit in their child in a regular school. But this is detrimental to the education of the child. The child is not receptive audio signal which is the primary method of imparting education in schools. The teachers in these schools are not equipped to handle these kinds of situations, and it can turn ugly quite early. So, the way to go is to enroll the child in special schools that understands what they lack and what they need. This is the way to go for the children with hearing loss partial or total.

The thing to do is to do Hearing tests in early stages of child’s growth if you find him/her not responding to auditory signals.

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