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Tips to Take Care of Your Georgette Fabric

Author: Raghav Kedia
by Raghav Kedia
Posted: Oct 30, 2017
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Originally made of silk, Georgette is one of the oldest fabric that is available in markets. It comes in a variety of prints and colours and therefore most wanted by women for their sarees, dresses, evening gowns, blouses, drapes, dupattas and etc. The fabric has got his name after the early 20th-century French dressmaker Georgette de la Plante and is famous all over for its light weight, durability, easy to wear and superb fall. The tips to take care of your beloved georgette dresses are:

Washing: First of all read the cleaning instructions given on your dress and follow them because this varies with the type of georgette and kind of work on it. Don’t wash your dress after every small use. Be very careful while washing and don't stretch the fabric as the threads might tear apart. Gently wash it with your hands in cold water and mild detergent in order to maintain your cloth.

Drying: This fabric should never be squeezed. Just let the water dry and drain naturally. Put it for drying in the shade as if hung under the direct sunlight then you may end up losing the colour of your fabric. Use air dryers in place o machine dryers and never use too many cloth pins to hold your georgette as it only weakens the fabric.

Storage: Don’t hang the georgettes for a long time in your cupboard. Keep them folded. Rather after every particular period takes them out and changes the fold lines so that the fabric doesn't rip off quickly.

Wearing: Wear your georgettes with style and grace and look delicate and different. Avoid getting it in contact with sharp objects or jewellery with prongs as it might tear off your fabric. While using the safety pins, be cautious as these pins can leave visible pin holes on your fabric. Take care of your cloth if anything spills over it. Quickly wipe it off and never rub too hard on that area so that it doesn't get dull.

Thus, we see how easy and cheap it is to maintain georgette. Just a few minutes of some days and you can maintain the new look of the dress always. I am sure, now you all must be thinking either to refold your georgettes in the cupboard or to buy a new georgette dress for your collection.

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