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Rules and guidelines for compiling TestDaF

Author: Joseph Campbell
by Joseph Campbell
Posted: Nov 01, 2017
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Rules for making the test

On the day of the exam, it is your responsibility to know the rules, because by signing the document you bring with you, you have already confirmed your agreement to adhere to it. So what is written in these rules? Below you will find a list of test rules and exam tips from? experts, who passed this test.

  1. Before and during the exam will be conducted personality checks. On the test day, you must bring with you the agreement with the rules, as well as the document to certify the person you specified during online registration. Without it, you will not be allowed to test.
  2. Examiners have the right to check your documents during the exam. If there is doubt about your personality, you need to come to the center for confirmation within a week after the test.
  3. Until the exam is complete, you can not leave the building where TestDaF passes. During a break, you can not go to a catering facility. If you suddenly want to smoke, you can only do it with the help of a trustee.
  4. If "Oral Production" is conducted in another building, then the transition to it is carried out with the support of the trustee.
  5. After the persons who are passing the test took places, they can not leave the room. A dressing room is only allowed during the break. In urgent cases, an examiner accepts a decision regarding the permission to visit the toilet.
  6. You are not allowed to have any electronic devices or paper sources of information with you. All things are in a separate room or in a specially designated place in the classroom.
  7. The mobile phone must be turned off. If it rings during the exam, you will be taken out of the audience. It is also prohibited to use the phone during breaks.
  8. During the exam, your desk may include: a proof of identity document, an agreement with the rules, a pen or marker, drinks and products.
  9. You can not take the materials that were distributed to you out of the audience.
  10. During the exam, all answers must be noted on a special form, since only the evaluation will be considered.
  11. From the break you need to come back on time. After each of them your personally will be re-tested.
  12. After the completion of "Oral Production" you must immediately leave the audience. It is impossible to discuss the content of the tasks with other?.

Tips and Life Hacks

  1. Officially, the exam takes 3 hours 10 minutes, but we have to be prepared for the fact that the test center will have to arrive all day, because "Oral Production" seems to be in several groups and often delayed until the evening.
  2. You can take delicious food that is easy to digest and eat when you write your exam.
  3. For good preparation for "Reading Comprehension" it is necessary to do 8-9 sets of tasks (3 texts in each). Although the main task is to catch the general idea, we do not have to deal with details very carefully, because it is precisely because of inattention that we can make a mistake.
  4. When you make a note while you are reading, don't write down individual words, but the phrases and expressions that show that you understood what you heard, and not just catch a familiar word.
  5. When writing a letter it is important to correctly distribute time and speak out of all the proposed items.
  6. If you have made a mistake during "Oral Production", do not come back to fix it, because it will take time and only confuses. The main criterion for verifying the broadcast of this section is the ability of the interlocutor to understand what he/she has heard, despite the mistakes.

Good luck!

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