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Frequently Asked Questions Dual Flush Toilet

Author: Joe Carrow
by Joe Carrow
Posted: Mar 03, 2018
dual flush

Q. What is a dual flush toilet?

A dual flush toilet helps to conserve water by using half (or less) the flush to rinse liquid and light waste from the toilet bowl. They have been around for 20 or 30 years in Europe, Japan and Australia. They have been making their way into the U.S. over the past few years. However, a flushing toilet can be an expensive investment, costing hundreds of dollars and many times creating a remodeling issue. Additionally, when you replace you existing toilet with a new one, guess where the old one goes... to a landfill. That is why the dual flush conversion kit has become so popular. It allows you to save water (1,000's of gallons per year) by installing a relatively inexpensive kit into your existing toilet. So you get the best of both worlds.

Q. Are the Dual Flush Kits easy to install?

Yes, after watching the video's you should feel comfortable with the project. It is easily a one-person job, but having another person handy within shouting distance could be helpful for some people when removing the tank for installation. The average homeowner, with just a few tools, can install our Dual Flush Kit in about 30 minutes. If your toilet tank has not been removed in the past 20 years or so, you may need to replace the tank seal and hold-down bolts when installing our dual flush valve. Those items are available in our Bonus Packs and separately.

Q. How do I know if I want the button or handle model?

A. It is all personal preference. But, for some people it is easier to remember that you are dealing with a dual flush toilet when you have the button. Our new button design is easier to operate than any we have seen. The handle is familiar to everyone and tends to be slightly more popular than the button. The button is prevalent in other countries. So the choice is yours.

Q. I recently saw one of those drops in dual flush converters that advertise; no tools necessary and you can install it in any toilet in only ten minutes. Why wouldn't I want one of those instead?

A. You know the old saying, "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is". When this type of quick fix unit came out on the market we were eager to check it out. We tested them against several other complete replacement models that we currently use and decided to not get involved with the quick fix. Yes it can be faster and less work in the short run, but if you are at the point of replacing an old worn out flapper valve, why would anyone not replace the whole thing? Basically what we discovered is that these gadgets have a tendency to leak where they attach to the old flapper base. This is because the old base is usually worn and not a perfect surface for the unit to marry with. Usually no one checks to see if there is a leak at the connection point because it is under water and would not normally be noticed unless you did a food color test in the tank to determine if water was coming through to the bowl.

Q. Will Your Dual Flush Kits fit my toilet?

A. In most cases they will. Our 2" standard units for two piece toilets will fit 70% of all toilets in The U.S. today. And over 90% of all toilets made before 2001. If you have a one piece toilet, meaning that the tank and bowl are one solid piece, we have Dual Flush Kits for one piece toilets. If you have a toilet that has a 3" flush valve, we have the Dual Flush Kit for 3" Toilets. We have attempted to cover every scenario so that everyone can participate in conserving water in an affordable manner without having to add to the landfills by taking still usable and potential water saving toilets there.

It doesn't matter where your handle is located on the toilet. Because we use a stainless steel cable to connect to the handle instead if a traditional rigid arm, the handle or button can be wherever the opening is for it on your toilet.

There are a few toilets that we will not fit. One is an older one piece Kohler that has the flush valve opening tucked under the face of the sloped front of the tank. We will not fit 4" tanks either. If you are in doubt, contact us.

Q. Will I need to change my fill valve?

A. Since you are taking the time to convert from a water guzzler into an efficient Dual Flush Toilet, it would not make much sense to leave that very important aspect of your toilet as it is. Especially when we make it so easy by including one of the best water saving fill valves on the market in your package at a much reduced price. But, if you need a Dual Flush Converter by itself, they are available on our Products for Sale Page.

Q. How low can my toilet tank be?

A. Your toilet tank can be as low as 8 1/2", measuring from the bottom of the tank to the inside bottom of the tank lid. This is for either one piece or two piece toilets.

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