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Career Coach In Pune | Life Coach In Pune, India

Author: Hemant Pande
by Hemant Pande
Posted: Nov 02, 2017


Existence coaching is mentoring anyone to become the best version of themselves, in order to get from point A to point B, exactly how a sports coach is mentoring an athlete to be the best, to succeed the competition/game and try Life coaching in pune. The same applies to career instruction and executive coaching. Right now there are over 50, 1000 life coaches on the globe, but only 1% have what it can take to help others to actually reach their goals, which is: a huge amount of life & business experience, skills, knowledge, talent, leadership, professional athletics experience, and psychology.

All of us are all confronted with challenges and obstacles on our journeys to obtaining our personal success. In the event you are feeling caught up in everyday life, unfulfilled with your career, miserable with your relationship or uncertain of your goal in life? Personal success coaching can help you to cover your problems. I provides you with modern coaching tools to take action. With NLP and hypnosis you can build your confidence, find your inner resources to get to where you want them to be. Imagine to be able to create a more peaceful and happiness in your personal life. Coaching is the process of awakening your own brilliance, wisdom, confidence, and clarity.

I could help you achieve aims quicker.



With NLP you will learn the connection between how you think (neuro), communicate (linguistic) and your patterns of behaviour and emotion (programmes). Learning NLP will enable you to self manage your emotions, actions and communications with others both personally & professionally.


Timeline Based Therapy uses visualisation to clear negative self trust and to instil positive self trust which will serve you. It is very powerful in order for you to believe you can BE who you need to be in order to DO what you need to do & HAVE what you want to in life.


Personal Development is key in moving forward. This comes from continuously learning about yourself, and positively CHOOSING how to live your life. Take responsibility, set boundaries, understand what drives you & live authentically. We have many exercises and tasks which will enable you to elicit your true potential.

The client in the coaching process has the advantage of someone in their corner, someone who is accountable in achieving the same aim, with anticipation and foresight.

Success coaching isn’t another book or work shop, it’s a dynamic process. Perhaps you have read many self help books and or attended workshops and seminars to increase motivation, improve your health or to feel happier with your life.

If you honestly ask yourself how much positive change the book brought you, then you will perhaps have to admit that most self help books offer good content, most courses are inspiring in the short term but it’s hard to implement the ideas and suggested changes in actual life.


If you are ready to take the next step it’s simple. You can email me, or call and we can arrange a no obligation 30-45 minute free phone consultation. Personal Success Coaching gives you all the tools and assistance you’ll need to achieve your goals.

Maybe you’ve decided that "good enough" is no longer good enough and now you’re clear that you want to hire someone but you have some questions that you need to have answered first.

With so many coaches out there you’re probably worried you’re going to hire the wrong person.

You may even be afraid that you don’t know what kind of questions to ask.

Even worse, you may have concerns like, "What if I get taken?" or, "How do I know who to trust?" or even, "How do I know coaching is right for me?"

When would now be a good time to address those concerns head-on?

You’re probably reading this article for that very reason: because you want to stop asking those kinds of questions and start living the life that you dream about. Congratulations! Hiring a coach is a really smart decision.

I’m not the only one who thinks so…

  • The Harvard Business Review says, "coaching works."
  • CBS News says coaching "makes financial sense."
  • And Fortune Magazine reports that people’s productivity jumps by 35% when they have a coach.

So, what does a coach do, exactly?

Coaches provide a infinity of resources; the best life coaches out there are brightly trained and they have an arsenal of methods at their disposal that are designed to do everything from removing stumbling blocks, to breaking bad habits, to setting and fulfilling life-changing goals.

The best life coaches have a taken coaching record; they have coached thousands of people throughout their highly bright careers, and they have demonstrated producing reliable results for their clients that stand the test of time. Top caliber coaches are experienced in providing keen insight on exactly where you are stuck so that you can move beyond where you have stopped in the past. The dominant life coaches have their own tested antidote coaching technique, but they design unique coaching programs for each of their clients, based upon that client’s needs.

In addition, a coach provides an responsibility structure. If you wonder whether or not an accountability structure would matter to you,bring to mind at least one goal or New Year’s resolution that you set and did not fulfill upon.

Why do so many goals and New Year’s resolutions fail to come to fruition? Often it’s because we allow ourselves to begin breaking the rules in little ways, building up to bigger and better cheating, and bargaining with ourselves until the resolution is completely shot. Afterward, we become discouraged, making it harder to get back in the resolution saddle. If you’ve done this in the past, chances are strong that without accountability you’ll do it again. If that’s the case, consider making yourself accountable to a life coach.

When we know that we must answer to someone else we are more aware of the choices we are making. Whether answerability works because we’re inspired to do well for the other person, or whether it works because of embarrassment or fear of appearing weak, it can typically provides precisely the motivation it will take to keep us on track. The good thing about having a coach to monitor our progress is that we naturally find ourselves blessed with an ally who is on our side and who cares about our success. When we are challenged the hardest is when we need our support system the most. A life coach to whom we agree to be accountable will be right there with us through thick and thin, being firm when needed but always doing so with our best interest at heart.

We must be very careful when choosing a life coach to whom we will be accountable; creating an responsible structure is not an engagement to be taken lightly. If we only rely on our friends or family to be our responsible partner, sometimes that type of buddy system can backfire if either party becomes resentful over being ‘policed’, even when they agreed upon it in the first place. In an accountability structure based on friendship alone, there’s generally no clear understanding of the boundaries for the accountability, and on occasion, that lack of formal boundaries can put undue strain on the relationship.

Imagine, if you will, a hypothetical scenario in which a husband and wife decide to be accountability partners in the wife’s weight loss. The arrangement starts out happily; the wife expresses to the husband how pleased it will make her to lose weight and he is supportive. Before long, however, the wife throws out all of the food that the husband wants and loves to eat; she refuses to have it in the house any longer. The husband doesn’t need to lose weight, so he’s not pleased with her decision, but he keeps supporting her. The next morning the wife’s alarm clock goes off an hour early, so she can go to the gym. She says, "I wish I could just stay in bed!" and the husband, thinking he’s being supportive, tells her she needs to go work out.

There are no personal dynamics to get in the way inside of the business relationship known as life coaching. In terms of creating a reliable accountability structure to fulfill on important milestones and goals, a life coach in Los Angeles can offer more support than just a loved one, relative, or friend can. The life coach will not be governed by relationship dynamics and will therefore be able to provide a clean, clear space of support without mixed emotions or any personal agenda being in the way of fulfilling your goals.

Do yourself a favor by not trying to reach hard goals alone; set yourself up to win by having the right life coach.

So now the challenge is: how do you choose the right life coach in Los Angeles?

I’m about to help you figure that out. If you’re looking for a life coach you want to pay very close concentration. I’m about to revealing something that very few people know about, so pay close attention.

Did you know that coaching is the second-fastest growing profession in the world, rivaled only by information technology?

I suppose that’s a good thing if you’re a life coach. But maybe it’s not such a good thing if you’re looking for a life coach.

You’re pretty much on your own out there. You’ve probably noticed that no matter where you turn today in Los Angeles, someone’s a life coach! You probably even know or have heard of someone who is a life coach. That’s not a bad thing, but the problem is, we’re not talking about little league coaching here; we’re talking about life coaching: addressing the areas of life that are most essential: your relationships, your finances, your career, your aspirations, and your health.

By now you realize that when you hire a life coach, it’s critical you make the right choice.

Which is exactly why I’m committed to helping you navigate the waters, so that you know which mistakes to avoid—as well as what’s essential to look for—when hiring a life coach.

I’ve heard it said that 8 out of 10 people who hire a life coach hire the wrong person. Imagine 80% of the people who’ve hired a life coach information that they made the faulty choice! Those figures are daunting! When you take my advice, you’ll be able to minimize that risk for yourself.

It’s not only the amount of money you invest in life coaching that you have to be concerned with. If your life coach is ineffective in getting you the results you hired them for, you’ve cost yourself the most precious resource of all: your time.

Obviously you’re serious about your success. You wouldn’t be reading this article if you weren’t.

You’ve done something that most of the people on the planet will never do; you’ve decided to rise above what you can accomplish alone. You’ve decided to forever alter the trajectory of your life, by joining the ranks of the high performers of the world.

Which is where I come in.

If you’re really serious about taking your life to a whole new level, I invite you to perform due diligence. If you’re like most people, you have no interest in wasting your time or your money. Here are the steps I recommend you take to prevent that from happening


Life Design Coach uses Powerful Tools to establish your True Career Passions & Drivers, Practical Skill Advancement & Step-by-Step Guidance for Transitioning Into Self Employment or Starting a New Business.

  1. Establish your True Career Drivers & Passions. Reconnect with your Career Values.
  2. Practical Tools For Decision Making & Overcoming Barriers To Self Employment.
  3. Learn how to communicate effectively, manage overwhelming workloads & create a work life balance.
  4. Goal Setting & Route Mapping The Way Forward Into Self Employment Or Business.


Life coaching provides you with the tools and strategies allowing you to create lasting and positive change in your life.

As a result of coaching, you feel more self confident, optimistic and motivated about life and your chosen future.

The best way to find out how coaching can help you create the results you desire and understand the true value and potential benefits of coaching is to experience it personally. Until you've had the experience of coaching, it will remain a concept in your mind and you can just try are Life coaching in pune.


Therapy is longer term where people in struggle work hard to figure out the roots of their problems and how they can use that information to shift their current behaviors in order to feel better.

Here is an example: In therapy if a person were having difficulty with her boss she might realize after lengthy analysis that she is identifying the boss with her father, someone she did not get along with in her youth. While that is interesting and possibly useful information, a life coach would suggest that it is not helpfull to spend time reliving her childhood parent-child relationship when the current problem is the boss who is not her father. Coaching addresses what is going well and badly in the present and how to make one’s life more joyful by altering the behaviors one engages in now.

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