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Barley Malt Extract Offers a Healthy Gluten-Free Life

Author: Mahalaxmi Maltextract
by Mahalaxmi Maltextract
Posted: Nov 07, 2017
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Barley grains undergo a lot of steps which change them unto malted barley that contains sugar. And after that, the malted barley can be cooked into a soup that is known as a mash in home brewing and then it condensed into the barley malt extract. Well, this extract is a great source of home brewing recipes. It is something that is used to add the body, color, and sweetness in a beer.

If you love to eat gluten-free foods, you are possibly familiar with the fact that barley malt extract provides you a healthy gluten-free life. The leading barley malt suppliers also offer many gluten-free products like pancakes, health drinks, etc. It is evident that the utilization of barley malt extract in these foods has caused lots of concerns among the gluten-free customers.

What is the amount of gluten contained in barley malt extract?

Since barley malt extract is an amazing food product ingredient such asFrench toasts, pancakes, waffles, and breakfast cereals, per million gluten content of the ultimate food product will be quite lesser than the per million gluten content of the malt extract. In a study which reviewed the gluten content from barley in 2 breakfast bowls of cereals comprising of malt extract, one product comprised of 171 ppm gluten and the other 795 ppm gluten.

FDA’s standard for gluten-free food label

Ultimately, it’s essential to remember that in the proposed rule of FDA for gluten-free labeling, the label can’t incorporate an ingredient which is derived from a grain that is prohibited and hasn’t processed properly for removing gluten. Such ingredients incorporated in the rule are malt vinegar, vital gluten, wheat germ, wheat bran, hydrolyzed wheat protein, graham, farina, semolina, barley malt extract etc.

However, it’s a little confusing for a barley malt manufacturer and the customers that this information seems to be denied later in the rule when malt vinegar and malt extract are enlisted alongside the ingredients like wheat starch which is derived from a grain that is prohibited and has been processed for gluten removal.

Malting industry is at present ruled by some industry-best leaders which are globally reputed for malted milk foods. If you want to become a dealer of malted milk foods in India, you must contact an authorized manufacturer, supplier or exporter that distributes the high-quality barley malt foods like healthy drinks for kids, milk powder, syrup, and so forth.

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Malt Extract is a gooey golden dark colored fluid that has the trademark malt and sweet taste.

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