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5 Tips that will help you Prepare for Class 10 Exams

Author: Raviraj Mane
by Raviraj Mane
Posted: Nov 07, 2017

Class 10 exams come with all the pressure and anxiety from your parents and elder ones. Well, you can't really help about that. Right? But you can definitely help yourself by knowing some successful and tested tips that will let you prepare well for your class 10 exams. Here's a list of top 5 tips which'll make the preparation for your class 10 exams a piece of cakewalk. Hang tight!

1. Give equal importance to all the subjects

Many students end up scoring less overall percentage because they spent most of their preparation time studying core subjects only. Ignoring languages is going to cost you a lot. So, don't make the common mistake of ignoring languages. Learn them as well along with other core subjects. Does that mean you should allocate equal number of hours for practice? The answer is NO. No, you needn't. Just ensure that priority is given to all subjects. You can still focus more on the subject that's difficult for you.

2. Practice more number of sums in maths and science

The prescribed syllabus by the NCERT is a must for you to study. But along with that, if you also practice more sums from different books, it'll help you in understanding the concepts better and you'll be able to solve sums at Lightning speed. One of the best recommended books is the RS Aggarwal solutions class 10. This book has numerous problems and the best solutions.

3. Prepare a systematic time table

Most of you might think you'll be able to cover all the subjects in time if you just keep on reading one after the other. In most cases, you won't be able to. Here's the reason for it. You will either end up spending too much time on much simpler concepts or end up running short of time as you haven't planned well. There's a popular saying, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"! So if your planning is not done, it becomes very difficult for you to manage things. So, prepare a systematic time table with time allocated to different subjects and also space for playing or any other form of entertainment. You don't want to end up being Jack - The dull boy who never played, but only studied after all. Rule number 2 here is to stick to the time table that's prepared by you.

4. Use diagrams, flowcharts and other graphical representations

In order to present the data and information you've learnt, take help of pictorial representation. Use flowcharts, pie charts, simple diagrams to note them down. This will help you greatly in easy recalling of the concepts. You can also use the technique of mind mapping which helps in jotting down all the necessary information of a concept by using small charts and diagrams. It's not just attractive to study but will give you a bird's eye view; and thus helping in easy recalling.

5. Revision is a must

Let us admit that we all forget! That's not anything to be ashamed of. We all tend to forget useful information. What will help us fight this problem? Studies suggest that revision, which in other words, is repeated practice helps in remembering the learned concepts. Get hold of exercise books like RS Aggarwal Solutions class 10 which will help you for revision. Answer to the questions mentioned there and a good 2 to 3 rounds of revisions is all you'll need to crack your class 10 with flying colours!

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Author: Raviraj Mane

Raviraj Mane

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