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5 Tips that will Simplify Class 10 Science

Author: Raviraj Mane
by Raviraj Mane
Posted: Nov 07, 2017

Science is difficult subject to score well and an easy subject to understand for many students. What makes scoring in science comparatively difficult? Well, there could be 2 major reasons. One is the incapability to recall what's been learnt. The other is failure to understand the core concepts which'll make it hard to apply the concepts in solutions. Here are top 5 tips that'll simplify your class 10 science.

1. Use acronyms for better recalling

In order to recall the answers faster, make it a practice to arrange different answers in simple acronyms. The first letter of the main word can be used to make a simple 6 to 9 letter word. So it's much easier to recall all 9 points at once. This trick is extremely beneficial for learning different characteristics of animals or any solvent in chemistry.

2. Practice the problems of physics

Physics includes application of the learned concepts in sums. Practicing many problems will give you a good grip over the concept while also increasing your problem solving speed. If you're speedy in problem solving, you can utilise more time in answering other questions correctly. Because sums have obvious answers and you have to ensure to score full marks in all the sums.

3. Mind mapping of concepts

Mind mapping is a technique in which learnt concepts are graphically represented on a sheet of paper for easier understanding. This will help you recollect all the information about the concept at a glance. It gives you a bird's eye view. This also boosts your confidence as by being able to respresent all the information in a graphical format, you are sure to recollect required piece of information just by revealing the mind map. Mind mapping can help you remember simplest of the simple concepts to most complex concepts. The class 10 science is loaded with simple and complex concepts and mind mapping is a way to go.

4. Firm understanding of the concepts

This is a basic tip and a must follow tip. If not for anything, this is the least you could do in order to simplify your subject. You must have excellent understanding of the concepts, be it physics, chemistry or biology. If you have trouble in understanding, take help of your teachers and friends. There are a lot of class 10 science videos too which you can watch online for deeper understanding. If you understand the concept thoroughly, there's no sum you won't be able to solve or no question you won't be able to answer.

5. Practice previous year question papers

Practicing old question papers will make you familiar with the kind of questions asked in the exam and it'll shoo your exam blues away as you would feel that your actual examination is not very different from these previous year question papers. You can also get hold of other practice books prescribed for class 10 science for getting deeper insights of all types of questions. It's more like revision.

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