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Explainer video for B2B businesses. Why they matter

Author: Motin Cue
by Motin Cue
Posted: Nov 07, 2017

The toughest job on the planet is not being a surgeon as people tend to assume, it’s being a marketing executive in a B2B company. Everything then is just a longshot because by marketing in the B2B space, frankly speaking, you’ll be trying to do the impossible which is trying to reach other businesses by saying, "Hey, we have great stuff for you, so you should buy from our business."

But nevertheless, the role can be incredibly fulfilling if you know what you are doing. When marketing in the B2B space, there is only one thing to consider and that is content. And in 2017, the most important content form is video content. Stats from Google are even proving that websites with videos are achieving higher rankings simply because the Google algorithms are now considering the amount of time people stay on your website and use that as a ranking factor. Videos make people stay for more which is a plus for your brand.

Although Google is offering this massive benefit, there is one thing that pains me. B2B marketers are not fast catching up to the trend. Most of them are spending time writing blogposts and creating images and infographics which may work but don’t have that dynamic functionality to entice people towards taking action when they see the massive benefits your product can offer to their business.

And one thing that’s important and beneficial about explainer videos is that they have an innate ability that enables them to take the most complicated ideas and present them in a fluent way which any layman can easily understand.

If you’d been hesitating on creating B2B explainer videos for your business, here are some reasons why they are the most ideal for your company.

1. Helps increase your conversation rates

If there is one thing that holds true for any B2B business, it’s the fact that conversions can sometimes take atank if you do not make use of a killer marketing weapon like an explainer video. The reason why this is so is because when marketing in the B2B space, you are trying to reach out to marketing directors and CEO’s, people who are busy in their own rights and if you give them a 2000 word blogpost on LinkedIn, chances are, they might not even read it at all which is why you need to approach them from an angle of simplicity. By making a B2B explainer video, you make everything simpler and easier for them to engage which might have a positive effect on your conversation rates.

2. Easily clarify the objective of your product

What does your product do? That is the question to be answered in here. Maybe you made your product or are offering your service to bring convenience to people’s businesses. You have to find a way you can articulate that in a simple but effective manner and there’s no way you can do so without making an explainer video a part of the mix. When explaining the functionality and objectives of your product, text can sometimes make everything tricky because it’s very easy for people to misread things, but with an explainer video, the story is different particularly if you have partnered with a great b2b explainer video company like ourselves to make everything easier for you.

3. Rank Better in Google Search

I don’t know how this is happening, but the Google rankbrain algorithm has been doing a great job at prioritizing video content particularly since 2015. Now, why is this good news for your B2B company? It is simply because most decision makers in the B2B space run to Google whenever they are faced with a challenge in search of solutions. As you can already see. Imagine if your cloud storage company like dropbox has an explainer video and a tech guy for a B2B reaches your page where your explainer video is and you clearly articulate and offer a solution to his problem in the video. What are the chances he’ll recommend you to his company’s board of directors? Plenty, right? That’s what explainer videos do.

4. Helps your prospects to easily retain information

You might make a video of a guy sitting on his desk and explaining how your product works. Yes, it can be helpful but truthfully it’s not effective. This is simply because research has proved that the average person only retains a maximum of 10% of what they hear but if they are seeing it in dynamic visualization, they will retain an impressive 50%. Yes, 50% which is just amazing. So, if you want to let people know of your product and help the information to stick in their mind, you have to find a way to dynamically spread the message and making explainer videos and only explainer videos might be the best way to do so.

5. Bring life to your pitch

One thing holds true about pitches, they can be totally dull and boring if they are just on paper and not dynamically presented. Your B2B business might not be up and running yet, and might just be in the startup phase where nothing is seemingly happening and you are in a rigorous search for investors. The best way you can present your pitch is by having a killer explainer video of your product made so that you can effectively and easily entice the ‘pockets’ of your investors so that they can hear you and increase their chances of them putting money into your business and helping it grow.

6. Grab attention

Attention is the internet currency, your business doesn’t mean anything and won’t achieve a thing if you don’t manage to get anyone’s attention. Getting attention for a product meant for B2B businesses can sometimes even seem like a longshot which is why you need to go with a killer B2B explainer video if you want to achieve this. You might be asking why not just write web content instead. Well, you are not prohibited from doing so only if you want to bore your visitors away. Invest in a killer explainer video and you’ll have anyone’s attention, even the CEO’s dog.

If you have been convinced that explainer videos can benefit your business and make your B2B marketing efforts much easier, then contact us and see what we can do for you.

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