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3 Reasons to Have Security Cameras in Schools

Author: Kevin Smith
by Kevin Smith
Posted: Nov 08, 2017

All parents want their children to be able to learn in a safe environment where they are protected and cared for. School security cameras in Marietta can help create such an environment. While safety should never trump privacy, strategic placement of cameras in classrooms and hallways can provide help school officials keep an eye on public areas to protect both students and staff.

General Safety

It is the responsibility of school administrators to be aware of what is going on in their schools, and to do this, they need a way to observe what is happening. If, for example, a locker theft is reported, the hallway camera can help identify the culprit. School officials also need to know who is on school grounds. If there is a suspicious person afoot, it is often difficult to watch every area at the school where the person could enter. Security cameras can help school officials and, if necessary, the police identify intruders who have no business being on campus.

Protection for Students

Security cameras can help protect students. If a student is reported missing, school security cameras in Marietta can help determine when and where the child was last seen on school property. Even the most observant teachers cannot watch every single thing that every child in their classroom does all the time. If a student complains about being bullied by another student, camera footage of the class can corroborate the story, even if the teacher did not witness the incident. This can be especially helpful in special education classrooms with students with limited verbal abilities who cannot accurately describe what happened. Cameras can help get to the bottom of what actually transpired in the room.

Protection for Teachers

Cameras can also provide protection for teachers. If a teacher is accused of malicious behavior, the footage from the security camera will tell the accurate story. This not only helps teachers who are wrongfully accused clear their names but also can protect the school from the liability of an alleged problem going unresolved. The footage can serve as evidence in both internal investigations and in court. School security cameras in Marietta protect innocent teachers from false complaints and help weed out teachers who commit crimes or engage in behavior that otherwise does not meet the standards of the school’s code of conduct.

While some may balk at the idea of having a camera that watches every move, the benefits to administrators, teachers and, most importantly, students far outweigh the drawbacks. Security cameras help keep them all safer.

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