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SEO Website Tips for UK Contractors

Author: Josh Buffet
by Josh Buffet
Posted: Aug 20, 2018

Regardless of what industry you are contracting from, the internet is an essential tool for modern day contractors. Realising the importance of your website and using it to your advantage to discover new work and can strongly influence your contracting career.

If you starting a setting up a limited company for your contractor business, then you should not neglect the incredible advantages of a specialised, professional website.

It’s not always easy to promote your website to get the right kinds of industry and business leaders to view it. However, we have collaborated five ways that can increase your website’s presence online along with boosting your site to enhance your reputation as an experienced contractor.

1. Content that’s unique – The most important thing in Google optimisation and SEO is original content. By producing fresh content in your expert field that is up to date, allows you to deliver innovative exciting content.

By creating a website feature with a specific blog page, you can then produce industry-specific content on a constant basis, which your readers will find particularly valuable. This tool can be exceptionally helpful when trying to create credibility, especially if you are just starting up your limited company.

  1. Actively Write Articles To Industry Sites/Magazines – This method allows you to increase your reputation majorly and ensuring that the right audiences are visiting your sites. Having an article or blog published into industry magazines or websites from an SEO view, will generate high-quality links to your website, thus will benefit search engines like Google to establish your site as valuable for your target audience.
  2. Meta Keywords – Creating content of any type, you should acknowledge what people are searching into Google to read your content. For example, IT Contractors in London’. You can be even more specific with keywords available, that can allow suggestions about the type of content you write. Buzz Sumo and Google Keyword Planner tool are good examples of tools that help you find relevant keywords for your industry and website.
  3. Utilising Social Media – This doesn’t mean just posting pictures of your favourite animals; ensure you are interacting with other specialists and sharing your opinions on matters that are occurring in the industry. This also credits your reliability of your website, through intellectual social signals, that Google will pick up.
  4. Linking Internally – This may seem a lot more complex than it really is. Internal links are just links, these lead to pages on your website and can simplify smooth movement through your site.

It also allows search engines to scope your website efficiently as it establishes hierarchical information about your site.


  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. This is the technique used to enable that your site is visible and elevated in the rankings for search engines regarding your key search terms.
  • Keywords – Words that an audience will enter into a search engine to discover your site.

For more ideas and inspiration on how to create content for your blog and website, use these top SEO tools and resources:

  • Content Forest
  • Craig Campbell
  • Andy Drinkwater
  • Buzz Sumo
  • Lukasz Zelezny
  • SEO Jo Blogs
  • Paul Koks Online Metrics

Examples of well-optimized websites for contractors:

PWD Roofing & Construction

MWA Decorating

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