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About Powder Additive Manufacturing

Author: William Starke
by William Starke
Posted: Nov 09, 2017

The formation of metal powder that is used in the powder additive manufacturing is something that is seeing a rapid growth and with the growth of it, the growth of powder suppliers can also be seen. So how does the manufacturing work?

Usually what happens is that a component is used which is fabricated by using the bed of powder which consists of finely spread layers of powder. They should be uniformly spread as they have a great significance in the final outcome. Generally, the way powder spreads during the additive manufacturing can be highly dependent upon the properties of the powders that are being used. To obtain control over the processes, one must be able to control the raw powder’s quality.

The market of additive manufacturing has seen a very high growth over the past few years. During the time, powder bed’s metal equipment’s sale has also seen an exponential growth in sales. This may be because of extreme adoption from marine, automobiles, aerospace etc. Since the benefits started to outweigh the blockers, the benefits of using the additive manufacturing for powder measurement and manufacturing of metallic compounds. Now more and more manufacturers are looking forward to the technologies of metal powder bed just to allow themselves to realize that their coming generation will use innovative products like powder electro stat for measuring the powder electrostatic motion and instruments to measure the powder fluidization.

According to some researchers, the expenses of metal powder will increase and become the biggest expense that will continue throughout the life of the additive manufacturing machine. Characteristics of the feedstock of starting powder is what the base of AM component is on which its consistency and quality depend upon. This tells us that the understanding and controlling the quality of the powder, whether it is in reused condition or it is new, it is very important to achieve the expected mechanical properties of the laser components (melted).

Right now the state of additive manufacturing of metal powder chain of supply has multiple methods of possibilities for the manufacture of the metal powder. For beginners, this brings a challenge in the technology of additive manufacturing. It will happen when they decide on the supplier of powders.

But there are exceptions like the additive manufacturing supplier of equipment sell a validated powder such as the EOS. Validated powders are the ones approved for use in additive manufacturing. One might say that the validated powders can de-risk the powders that are procuring for additive manufacturing but it does limit the usage within limited users. The limit is generally within a single supplier of the source and it also prevents the further development of any kind of expertise.

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