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Beat the Paint Selection Blues

Author: Kevin Smith
by Kevin Smith
Posted: Nov 09, 2017

House painting contractors in Atlanta and the surrounding areas know that there's more to choosing a house paint color than preference. Of course, your home should be something you get pleasure from seeing every day, but your paint job can make you happy in other ways as well. Here are a few things to consider on your quest to find the perfect paint color.

Think Practically

White houses might be beautiful, but they require significantly more cleaning than other colors. In fact, the lighter the color, the more cleanup you can expect to do. Rain splashes up off the ground, dust cakes on quickly and city grime can alter the brightness over time. If you're going white or light, make sure to choose a high-quality paint designed to stand up to many washing sessions.

Consider Light Quality

Paint changes color drastically depending on light quality. While homeowners with relatively isolated lots don't have much to worry about, even trees can make paint seem like a different color. Anything that reflects light has the potential to subtly alter paint appearance, such as landscaping features, neighboring homes or water. Place paint samples in different spots around your home's exterior and observe them throughout the day to get an idea of how your choices will behave.

Draw from Your Surroundings

It might be a good idea to choose colors that play well with other large features in the area of your home. Don't worry too much about the things that are under your control. For example, it's relatively inexpensive to refinish a fence that doesn't match your chosen color. It might be more difficult to get your neighbors to paint their homes a complementary color, however. House house painting contractors in Atlanta can often suggest colors that perform consistently well in the communities they service, so don't feel that you have to decide on your own.

Be Creative

Paint isn't all about practicality and blending in. Advancements in synthetic pigment technology have made many exciting and fun colors available over the past several decades. Make the most of this technology by mixing and matching with your home's main and trim colors. You might be surprised at how well unexpected color combinations work together.

The right paint job is going to make your home look great on its own as well as in the context of its surroundings. Make sure that you confirm the amount of maintenance you need before you start, and don't be afraid to have some fun. After all, a good paint job lasts for many years.

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