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3 Facilities That Might Need Clean Room Certification

Author: Kevin Smith
by Kevin Smith
Posted: Nov 10, 2017

You might endeavor to keep your house spotless by vacuuming and dusting regularly, but there are plenty of businesses that would laugh at your personal cleanliness routine. For a significant segment of the professional world, the level of sanitation required for normal operations is mind-boggling. To achieve the desired amount of sterility, many firms turn to services that provide clean room certification and verification. Here are three types of operations that might need to take advantage of this service.

Pharmaceutical Companies

The biotech world deals with products that consumers put into their bodies, so it stands to reason that a certain level of cleanliness is necessary. When you’re producing drugs, you can’t have foreign objects infiltrating your production and packaging process. Even worse, cross contamination could render your products useless, which could lead to an expensive mass recall and decreased confidence among your customers. To avoid this potential public relations nightmare, many pharmaceutical companies operate with an abundance of caution.


Human beings have brewed beer and other alcoholic beverages for thousands of years, but people only started understanding the science behind it in the last few centuries. When Germany passed its purity law for beers, it only included three ingredients: water, barley and hops. It wasn’t until later that scientists discovered how yeast turned sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. While the desired yeasts create the flavors loved by consumers, contamination by outside critters can ruin entire batches of product. To keep this from happening, many breweries use clean room certification services to create a barrier against microscopic intruders.


Computers and other technology devices get more sophisticated every year, and it takes a delicate touch to assemble the various components into a finished product. If you’ve ever seen the production lines for smartphones and other gadgets, you’ve probably noticed workers wearing respirators and full-body smocks to prevent dander, dust and other particulates from getting into the hardware. When you buy a new DVD player or high-definition television, you’ve benefitted from the endeavor to keep contaminants from scratching lenses and sensors.

Keep It Clean

These are just three industries that rely on clean room certification, but there are plenty of other sectors of the business community that use this service. It might seem like an extra layer of hassle, but it’s necessary to protect the integrity of sensitive manufacturing and research processes. If cleaning is your least favorite chore, be thankful for the people who do it on a large professional scale.

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