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How to Delete mail folder in outlook

Author: James Anderson
by James Anderson
Posted: Nov 11, 2017
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Outlook is useful and a wonderful mail platform. It has been into existence from years and since then it has served as a common medium for easy mail exchange between users worldwide. Outlook is the only mail platform that provides only specialized mail services and with this it also has an extra layer of security to maintain all the possible security of users online. All the outlook services are better as they are user friendly and helpful. Even when they are easy to use still sometimes user may face some problem on their end using hotmail at their side and to this easy help is always available at Hotmail Helpline Number.

Outlook is such a busy platform. As millions of users are attached to it each day hundred of mails get exchanged via an outlook mail platform. Right in the single mail inbox many mails enter each day out of this only some are useful and other are total wastes which are there to just fill your inbox. These mails are pretty disturbing because this mails acts as a hindrance in finding important mails out. In such cases it is good to make a practice of deleting all such mails which are not useful so that you can focus on just the important one.

Just like other important subsections like inbox, sent folder etc there is also a delete folder that exist in outlook account. This is hidden and cannot be seen but can be used when required. This is folder where all those emails are stored which you have deleted either from inbox or from sent folder option. The deleted folder often appears as a trash folder in which a user can get in.

Deleted folder may store all the deleted mail messages for a time being after which it gets automatically deleted a user may also enter into their delete folder and choose to delete it personally. It is possible that those mails you delete do not enter your delete mail folder and for this you not to specially choose the option of permanently delete mail while deleting a mail or you can simply change the setting if you wish to delete all the mails permanently. When you enable this setting no mail that has been deleted will ever enter the delete mail folder any time.

There may be times when by mistake you delete some email messages the essence of which you feel later when its user is felt in such cases you may try to find it in the trash folder of your outlook delete mail folder but remember only those mails can be retrieved from deleted folder which has not been deleted permanently. Often sometimes to make space the outlook itself deletes some of old mail from deleted mail folder because it feels that you have deleted it because they were not of any use. Retrieving a mail from delete mail folder is easy process which can be done by these steps.

  1. In the outlook mail get into delete mail folder.
  2. Here in the list click on checkbox of the mails you want to recover. This may one or more.
  3. Now from the option click to recover mail with this it will get back to the original location.
  4. Now get into your inbox and you will find the mail.

It is also possible to empty the delete mail folder. This can be crucial steps at times when you need extra space in your outlook mail. All this is quite an easy process and to carry out this processes you may obtain easy help from Hotmail Phone Number 0800-046-5027.

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Author: James Anderson

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