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6 of the best destination and places you can visit in Poland

Author: Rotaro Bernaz
by Rotaro Bernaz
Posted: Oct 16, 2018
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Poland is an emerging country that has proven itself efficient in satisfying the tourist demand and expectations. The country is known for many things including the many destinations it has to offer for anyone who wants a holiday spent on there.

The country best known for its cobblestoned market squares, church spires that are towering along with the medieval old towns that seem as if they have stepped from the front cover of a Christmas card, is a must-see place for everyone. These polish cities rank amongst the list of places that offers the best atmospheric experiences in the Europe Continent.

The cities have been able to steal the best titles for many years for so many valid reasons. The experiences beyond the city gates of Poland is breathtakingly grand and uplifting.

When considering the north, you will be left in awe of the golden beaches they have to offer and the ski resorts and snow adventures the south has in the hold.

Read more on our pick for the 6 best destinations in Poland.


Krakow, being famous for the priceless historical monuments and art and culture it offers is a great tourist attraction well known all around the globe. It is the former royal capital of the country and offers you some of the most attractive spots and places you can possibly hope to find on any tourist map of the Europe continent.

They offer their visitors unlimited entertainment, cabarets, and theatres along with huge and luxurious wine cellars and restaurants that have something magnificent to offer for everyone.

Many of the international festivals and other big events are always had in the Main Market Square of the Wawel Castle.

Krakow holds many tourist attractions amongst which includes, Wieliczka- one of the oldest salt mines made open to the visitors, the valley of Pradnik River which is a part of the unique nature reserve with a landscape that demonstrates a fairytale. Along with this, the ruins of the famous Gothic castle in Ojcow is a beautifully preserved park for any tourist to must see. You may see lots of attracting points by taking one of those famous Krakow tours from the online media.


The cobblestone filled streaks all around the city along with the great grand townhouses, this city has one of those kinds of architectural beauty that makes you reach for your camera. The city’s beauty final touch is made complete by the amazing market square in the center of the city. You can find all kinds of cafe’s, local breweries and bars which the perfect sight for your eyes and the picture for your camera could be.

The cities popularity increases for the sprawled islands that play host to parks, the grand cathedral and boat rides.


The beautifully timber-framed houses in this beautiful city of Poland along with the red churches brings this into the list of best-preserved town in Europe. You will also learn more about the famous local celebrity Nicholas Copernicus who was born in the torus. Be inspired by the story of how his birthplace has been given to a museum with the artifacts from his life.

Torun is amongst the oldest cities in Poland and at one point, the country was regarded as the most modern technological and cultural center in medieval Europe.

Numerous amounts of building and other construction are illuminated at the night time which brings brightness to the city. Such places include the city walls around the boulevard which creates an impressive effect.


This is a beautiful town in Poland that is more known for its snowfall than the sand it holds. The long and white sands of Poland is best experienced here in Sopot. The beaches are known to attract visitors from all around the world in the hottest times of the year and during seasons.

The city is known very well known for its service in health spas and the powdery sandy beach. It is also famous for the extensive wooden pier that goes as long to the Bay of Gdansk.

The crooked house is a very beautiful building that has been modeled and built on an illustration that is fairy tale like.


This is the best city in Poland that offers unlimited access to the mountains of Tatra for first-class ski runs. But you can go to this beautiful place even if you are not fond of skiing or snow.

In the summer, you can escape into the glacial valleys that are beautifully decorated with mountain lakes and waterfalls. Spend an evening in this city and you will be able to watch the Goral dance and listen to the fiddles near the fireside.


This cheerful maritime city in Poland is popular for both holiday and tourist destinations. Being situated beside the sea, this city offers great climate alone with beautiful and serene beaches.

The amazingly breathtaking architecture of the old town will leave you wondering about the beauty of the old town which includes the largest brick gothic church. This is a church that attracts many tourists from all around the globe.

Poland is more than these 6 destinations. The must-see destinations count up more than these raising its popularity within the world tourism destinations. Poland offers climatic favor for anyone who wants to do anything in the country from rafting to snow skiing.

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