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Waterproof foundation helps building to last long

Author: Larry Taggart
by Larry Taggart
Posted: Nov 12, 2017

Foundation is undoubtedly the most important part of a structure because on it the house is built. The foundation withstands the dead loads and love loads and its major foe is water. While developing the foundation it therefore becomes necessary to waterproof it. Waterproof foundation gives strength to the building and helps it to last for a very long time.

When the foundation is properly waterproofed wet soil beneath it cannot damage it. The soil swells up after absorbing water that develops pressure on the building. Excess water enters the structure and may damage the basement and also the crawl space. Wet and damp basements can breed mold making the surrounding smelly, unhealthy and unpleasant. To avoid this situation, the concrete has to be waterproofed. Even if the concrete has no cracks, water and water vapor can still penetrate it quite easily. So, if the foundation is not waterproofed at the time of construction, you need to have some system to keep the water drained away from it.

Factors like geographic location, topography, climate, soil structure, depth and location of water table and also the depth of the foundation have influence on the quality of the structure. The first aim should be to drain away water from the bottom of the foundation. Engineers also suggest wall treatment for preventing moisture from entering the structure through the wall. They prepare channels and link that to an effective drainage system. Also, to waterproof the basement from outside, they suggest ground surface treatment around the building. This entire job has to be done correctly the first time because fixing the problems at a later stage will be critical and expensive as well. Any investment to waterproof foundation is definitely a wise move.

If the foundation of a residential property is leaky then it will damage not only the structure but also the finishes and furnishings. For commercial structures, water may damage expensive equipments and make the place unsuitable for running operations. Just like exterior waterproof, interior waterproof can also keep your structure and basement free of water. Interior drain tiles are placed in the basement floor and in the joints between the wall and floor. These are known as covet joints. Such interior drain tiles can also be used to manage seepage coming through a porous concrete wall or even a masonry wall that has developed cracks or the mortar joints have deteriorated.

Sometime, cracks can also be repaired by injecting expanding polyurethane from the interior. After curing the polymer remains flexible and does not crack again and thereby sealing the gaps. Applying exterior waterproofing membrane can also prove to be effective in repairing leaking foundation. This may happen in specific locations if the concrete was not thoroughly mixed. By clearing the areas around the foundation, such membranes can be applied and protected in the long run.

Asking the engineer for the best method to waterproof will be a great way to start. They have worked on hundreds of such project and are sure of the success of the procedure they are going to apply to waterproof foundation. When you have experienced local agency to take up the entire job, you should remain free of worries.

Waterproof foundation ( ) makes the structure last long. To waterproof ( ) basement or crawl space you may contact reliable service providers.

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