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A Business’s Guide To The Digital Marketing Funnel

Author: Next Media
by Next Media
Posted: Nov 14, 2017
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Say your online company is offering a $55 product, simply putting it out in the marketplace from the get-go, without warming up to its target audience. Most of the time, a practice like this is considered insensible, slamming an offer at people without creating connections between it and their needs and preferences.

You need awareness, interest and conversion to get to the point where selling becomes a smooth, flawless experience—a task done once you adopt the digital marketing funnel strategy.

In simple terms, a digital marketing funnel is a way to attract, qualify and retain customers via the web. It's a way to help people in a manner they want to be helped. To understand the digital marketing funnel, let's break it down into three sections. We'll start your marketing journey from the opening.

Top Of The Funnel Awareness

The first step: awareness. Your business needs to take on latest online marketing tools to nudge the target audience and let them know a product exists or is going to exist soon. Social media marketing is one of the most compelling ways to start.

You can design sneak peeks for an upcoming product/service. Invest in content development service to let customers know how your product can provide a solution to their problems.


Search engine marketing (SEM) will get you ahead of your competition. It's not enough for you to create the content that matters; you need to direct the spotlight on promotional content to pique customer interest. Often the real reason a customer wants to buy your product is not because they know they will actually like it, but because "everyone is talking about it".

Middle Of The Funnel Consideration

Did your product /service get people's attention? Great! Now it's time to convince them that they want to buy it, or better yet, need to. While it is all well and good that an individual finds your offer attractive, they need to know it fits their requirements before they buy it. Invest in direct marketing methods, and offer free promotions and trials to fully convince them to become a customer.


This is an important stage. A customer's purchase intention was your goal all along, but what’s to say they won't turn back at this point? Keep promoting your product on social media and other frequented digital channels from time to time. Also, remember, there is such a thing as too much marketing.

End Of The Funnel Customer

Once a prospective customer transforms into an actual customer, make sure they have a comfortable shopping experience. Specialized website development services will give you a well-designed, fully functional e-Commerce website, where your customer can target their search to the right product and complete the purchase.

There is still a fair chance that the customer can turn back if not provided a smooth checkout, so make sure to invest in reliable digital marketers.


Customer support services, promotional newsletters, and discount offers are just a few examples of post-purchase customer engagement. It also pays to encourage your customers to provide feedback and reviews, as a positive response can turn your customers into your advocates.

A firm that specializes in every modern process of the digital marketing funnel can help you successfully promote your business on various channels, and generate leads and sales. Miami-based digital media consultants of NextMediaDigital offer full-service digital marketing packages according to a clients’ brand vision and needs.

Countless companies try and take the shortcut to convincing customers to try their product which may have the opposite of the intended effect. Being asked to put your trust in a something you did not get to know can be off-putting. A digital marketing funnel enables you to convert visitors into paying clients and integrate an endless cycle of constant improvement.

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Miami Digital media marketing management is a critical aspect of brand promotion, where potential customers are attracted through Facebook campaigns and other networks.

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