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Boost Your Exercise Routine with Fitness Boxing

Author: Tanya Campbell
by Tanya Campbell
Posted: Nov 14, 2017

If you don’t like hitting the gym too often and want to stay fit on the go, then fitness boxing is the most basic exercise routine that you should follow to gain long term fitness impacts. The evergreen boxing workout is known to enhance your strength, endurance and speed.

What are the benefits of fitness boxing?

  • Burning Fat

Since boxing is a high intensity workout routine, it can burn up to 500 calories per session. Boxing also has a post- training calorie burning impact that stays effective after several hours of workout.

  • Better Cardiovascular Health

Since the routine involves full body movement, your cardiovascular actions are at an upsurge during the boxing routine. Fitness boxing that includes interval training, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, blood pressure and risk of stroke.

  • Reduces Stress

If you are currently experiencing a hard time on the personal or professional front, then nothing can be more harmless than releasing your stress through fitness boxing. Such routines help in secretion of feel good hormones like serotonin that helps you to feel happy.

  • Better Body Composition

By combining a fitness boxing routine with a nutritious diet plan, you can see a very positive change in your body mass index. Your muscles work harder to build muscle endurance and help you build your core muscles to improve stability while you work out. Your joints, ligaments and tendons also turn stronger with every advancing level.

  • Improved Mental Strength

Boxing requires a good sense of timing and coordination between the brain and the body. With time and improvement in skills, you not only transfer discipline to other activities, but also improve your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Do you require going to the gym for fitness boxing?

Fitness boxing exercises can be done either at home or at your local fitness centre in Brisbane. However, with advancing levels, you would require equipment such as jumping rope, dumbbells, barbell, adjustable cable machine, bag gloves, heavy bag of 70lb, bench, lat pull-down bar and dip station, to get fast and effective results.

What comprises of the Best Fitness Boxing Workout Routine?

Boxing is an 80% aerobic and a 20% anaerobic fitness exercise routine that requires intermittent rest periods. Interval training with cardio and weight training is also highly recommended. A boxing exercise should ideally last for 3 minutes with an intermittent rest period of less than 1 minute, followed by repetition in sets. Some of the popular boxing techniques consist of:

  • Jab – It involves punching your heavy bag directly from the chin, while having firm and closed palms.

  • Cross- Here one hand is used to punch, while the other hand works as a protector by being tucked in near the jaw.

  • Straight Right- One of the most powerful punches, it requires a position of a twisted torso and a pivoting foot. Punch hard directly from the chin or a dipped in shoulder to directly feel the pain in your back.

  • Uppercut- It’s a vertical punch that directly attacks the opponent by hurting the chin of your opponent.

  • Hook- It’s one of the most difficult punching exercises that require a weight-transfer on one side. While one hand is used to protect the chin by being tucked in against the jaw, the other hand is used for punching with a half circle movement.

You must also add these intermittent cardio and weight training exercises to spice up your routine and get much effective results: Jump Rope, Speed Bag, Heavy Bag, Squat Thrust and Lunge Thrust, Lateral Leap and Hop, Plyometric Push ups, Combo Shoulder Raised with dumbbells and General sit-ups.

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