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Things to Consider When Planning an Indoor Garden

Author: Owen Jones
by Owen Jones
Posted: Nov 22, 2017

Indoor gardening and choosing indoor plants just require small planning and minimum maintenance. Indoor plants add beauty and color to your indoor rooms. So, make them long live by taking the necessary precautions. So, if you want to know, what are the things that you need to consider for you indoor garden, read this article.

Along with the location style, size you should also consider some other factors which are very important for the plants growth and productivity. See the below listed factors that are to be considered.

Humidity:Indoor or house plants require a minimum humidity level of 50% but, some plants can still survive if the humidity level is 30% and below and it even falls down in winter. If the air gets drier the plants can’t absorb enough water for keeping the root structure and leaves healthy. All types of plants can’t survive in same moisture level, so based on the humidity or the moisture level of the locations you have chosen for indoor garden you need to select the plants.

Temperature:Plants growth also varies based on the temperature of the room you are placing the plants. The temperature in the morning and night time varies. For some plants dormant period is required and during that time the light should be less. So, if you can balance those temperature fluctuations the plants growth will be fast and healthy. Check the fluctuations in the temperature and figure out the plants appropriate to that temperature.

Lightening:Small plants require full sunlight and some require partial or no sunlight. So, select the plants according to their placement whether it may be a shaded, dark or bright.

Watering:Many indoor home plants require very less watering and many plants die of excessive watering. But, some need regular watering during the seasonal changes i.e., especially in summer and minimal watering on winter. So, before you purchase the indoor plants check for the regularity of the watering and also check the plants in regular time intervals and water accordingly.

Pruning:To keep the house plants beautiful and healthy regular pruning should be done. Cut down all the dead leaves and old blooms. This also increases the growth of the plants.

Check for possible plant infections:When you choose the plants for you indoors, you must also check all the factors that affects the plants growth along with the infections and diseases. Take necessary precautions in advance to avoid those infections. Plant infections can degrade the plant and it also affects the other nearby plants.

These are the few precautions or the steps that you need to take before you choose the plants for your indoor is a website focused on providing useful and practical tips on smart living for people of all classes. is a website focused on providing useful and practical tips on smart living for people of all classes. Smart-living-tips includes information on wide range of significant topics from different fields including business, entertainment, health, home-n-living, shopping, society-n-living and technology. For more details on categories, visit

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