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4 Ways to Encourage Your Toddler to Learn New Things

Author: Petite School House
by Petite School House
Posted: Nov 16, 2017

Little children love to freely express themselves and cannot be disciplined easily. They have a lot of energy that makes it tough for them to concentrate and stay on one thing at a time. They need to spend their energy throughout the day and also take regular naps to keep themselves recharged. This is one of the reasons why parents of toddlers find it tough to teach them at home. They try to discipline them in different ways or coax them into learning but it does not always work.

If you are dealing with the same problem, here are 4 ways to encourage your child’s early learning:

  • The concentration span of little kids is pretty small. You need to make sure that you use different props and things to keep them occupied. If the children get bored, you need to improvise and change your method instantly to catch their attention again. It can help to change the subject frequently. You cannot expect your child to sit for three hours at a time on one day and learn the alphabet.
  • Using the same method of teaching over and over again is not going to work in the long run. You need to find new ways to teach them frequently. There are plenty of books available to help you find different ways to ensure that your child does not get bored while learning. Colorful things and other interesting visuals can help them stay focused. You can also weave stories and use interesting voices since most children love to get immersed in make-believe.
  • Sometimes, it can help to mix playtime with learning time. When your child is watching his favourite cartoon, you can point out the colours of his clothes especially if that character has the same outfit in most episodes. And, the key is repetition since with their limited attention spans, they will forget what they learnt if you do not repeat. Better yet, ask them questions so that they need to think and come up with answers. This will also improve their problem-solving skills.
  • Being too stern with your child during the "learning time" can make them dislike learning at all and this is not a good thing. Establish learning time as fun time that the children cherish since they have the chance to get your undivided attention. And, you can also have a little fun. It will not only help them learn new things but also develop a stronger bond with you. If you find that you are not able to handle it, you can enrol your child in a preschool or Northridge child care center where the trained staff can help them learn faster.

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Petite School House is a leading Northridge child care center that offers age-appropriate preschool for toddlers and young children.

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