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Why Fiberglass is the preferred option?

Author: Fandfcomposite Group
by Fandfcomposite Group
Posted: Nov 18, 2017
pultruded fiberglass

Fiberglass is used in almostall industries touching all walks of life. FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) is the green future of all industries and products, as its far-reaching potential has been seen. Similar to the use of steel and aluminum, fiberglass iswidely used in building, playgrounds, pools, recreation, utility trucks and vehicles, highway markers, boats, skis and all kinds of sporting equipment to name a few. Fiberfence fiberglass fencing systems are the ultimate in strength, durability and longevity, patented.

What is Fiberglass?

Fiberglass it is a composite that is made from several items being meshed together in a way that makes a stronger resilient product. There are basically two ways of making fiberglass. The most typical way is called ‘hand layup" or "cold process" which means that a mold is made and resin, glass matte and polyester veil along with color and catalysts are layered inside of molds to form a product. There is no heating involved. The 2nd way fiberglass is made is by machinery called pultrusion. Using pultrusion, as in manufacturing Fiberfence, roving or glass ropes, along with polyester veil, glass matte and others are literally pulled down into a white glue resin bath that contains the pigment and other chemical components to adhere to the glass that is being dipped into it and then pulled through a 36 inch steel die and heated over 400 degrees farenhieht while continually moving and exits the steel die (or form) a perfect product that continues along a 100 foot line until cut per order and sent to fabrication. F&F Composite Group, Inc., a pultrusion fiberglass manufacture leader, designs the products, tests and manufactures them. The resulting products are classed as fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), that has sand and glass as its main components. The pultrusion process exceeds the strength, weatherproof and non-corrosive factors of the hand laid fiberglass cold process. Fiberglass in either form is made in general from the combination of glass and resin primarily in varying amounts. Glass is white sand and constitutes 75% of a pultruded fiberglass product with 25% being other components and resin. This type of process makes the fiberglass stronger than steel using tensile strength. Conversely, ‘hand layup’ or ‘cold process’ of fiberglass manufacturing has only 25% glass and 75% resin or plastics in its makeup and thus is less strong and has some corrosive factors that have to be counteracted using Gelcoat. Pultruded fiberglass does not require any application of Gelcoat and maintains a non-corrosive distinction for its products yielded. Fiberglass in either form of manufacturing is eco-system friendly as it does not eek out chemicals into the environment and is stable. Pultruded fiberglass is one of the strongest building materials made.

Fiberglass Usage

Fiberglass is being widely used in most of the industries and in various innovative products. In homes, windows and doors are being manufactured solidly and stunningly. Hand lay up form of fiberglass is made into products used for many purposes that include boats, aircrafts, automobiles, satellites and in sports gears, headgear and other safety equipment. On the other hand, pultruded fiberglass being formed on machinery in a straight line has a tough yet somewhat flexible component making it perfect for multiple products such as building product, fencing and gates.

  • Fiberglass properties
  • It’s a non-corrosive and long-lasting, good option over other materials to install for longevity and strength as well as weatherproof and waterproof.
  • Fiberglass is the toughest materials more than steel, timber, or aluminum. This is three times tougher than steel in tensile strength.
  • FRPis eco-friendly material.
  • Dimensional stability
  • Electric and magnetic field proof – nonconductive
  • Easy and fast installation

Fiberglass Advantages

  • Strength &Sturdiness- Built to last for long, fiberglass with weight and strength ratio is one of the strongest material in the world, surpassing all other fencing materials.
  • Design Flexibility- A must for creative designers needing to fit their project and configure uniquely to any size.
  • Pocket-friendly- It is reasonable cost considering the high quality and maintenance-free aspects,it is a pocket-friendly option.
  • Versatile use- Its lightweight and high strength gives a tremendous option to builders, installers and architects
  • Outlook- Fiberglass composites FRP after pultrusion offerthe fast color, texture, and amazing finish
  • Fiberglass when used as a wall or fence can provide somewhat of a sound barrier
  • Non-conductivity- Fiberglass does not conduct electricity or carry a magnetic field, makes it a good choice for fencing near electric equipment.

Leader in Fiberglass Composites

F&F Composite Group is a leading fiberglass product manufacturer wide range of products.

They designand manufacture products for landscape,building, utility truck body industry,highway markers and others and specializein sustainable outdoor products such the FiberEdge line.

  • F&F owns and produces a variety of landscape products such as FiberEdge® the fiberglass landscape edging, ElectroEdge® for LED edging the outdoor illumination, and FiberEdge® for Solar LED outdoor lighted edging, all patented.
  • Fiberfence® the only 100% pultruded fiberglass fence product in the U.S. or the world, patented.
  • Fiber-Deck® provides a decking board system that is also stronger than steel yet half the weight and patented.

F&F Composite Group has a complete pultruded fiberglass product range and is one design away from helping you!

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