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Finding the Right Civil Rights Attorney in Los Angeles

Author: Marcus McGowan
by Marcus McGowan
Posted: Nov 21, 2017

Though we live in a world where great strides are being made toward ending racism, sexism, religious discrimination, homophobia, transphobia, and other human rights violations, the unfortunate truth is that not everybody is on board yet. Unfortunately, every day in Los Angeles, people find themselves being discriminated against and their civil rights violated on the basis of their race, religion, sexual orientation, or other aspects of their identity that are supposed to be protected. If you've had your civil rights violated, know that you can take the case to court. Here are the steps you should take to find a civil rights lawyer in Los Angeles to represent you.

Find an Attorney Specializing in Civil Rights

When looking for an attorney to lead your civil rights case, it's probably best to find an attorney who specializes in that area, rather than a generalist, so the first place you should start should be the civil rights attorney Los Angeles listings. A specialized civil rights attorney in Los Angeles will have the education and experience to deal specifically with issues of civil rights and discrimination, and they will be best equipped to argue your case. It's also ideal if you can find a civil rights attorney who has spent most of their career in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California, as they will have the most thorough knowledge of civil rights laws in your area.

Look at References

Once you’ve found some promising names in the civil rights attorney Los Angeles listings, it's time to determine who will be worth your time. A good attorney should have references or testimonials on their website that should give you an idea of the types of cases they've been involved in, and what their clients thought bout their services. A quick internet search should also reveal any newsworthy cases that the attorney has been involved in, their success record, or if they have ever made the news themselves for misconduct or other questionable activities. If you know others who have gone through a similar legal case, ask them who the attorney was that they used and if they would recommend them to you. The best way to get honest information is through a source that you know.

Go for a Consultation

Once you've narrowed it down to a couple of civil rights attorneys in Los Angeles who seem like good prospects for your case, go for a consultation. Many civil rights attorneys in Los Angeles will offer an initial consultation for free or for a flat rate, so there will be no surprises. Use the consultation to go over the case and get their insight on how best to present it in court. This is also an opportunity to learn about fees and the attorney's current case load, so you can ensure that they will be able to give adequate time to you and our case. Finally, the consultation is an opportunity to gauge personality fit. Though a lawyer's personality is not as important as their skills or their record, when dealing with a sensitive issue like civil rights violations, you want to feel safe and comfortable with the person who is representing you.

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