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Sewer Backup Is A Threat To Your Health And House, Hire A Cleaning Service

Author: Nicole Bridges
by Nicole Bridges
Posted: Nov 21, 2017

Sewer is an underground system that transports the sewage or wastewater expelled from houses, offices and factories. Sewage is a combination of grey water (from sinks, tubs) and bodily waste that is drained from pipes in the house into the sewage system. Sewer water is harmful and dangerous as it contains contagious bacteria. In houses plumbing is done in washrooms and kitchen where there is more common use of water. Floods and faulty drainage system can cause the sewer lines to back up into the houses instead of disposing it, this is called sewer backup and it is not only harmful to humans in spreading various diseases but effects construction of the house and increases the repair cost.

Sewer backup can be caused with just a blockage in plumbing system in your house or by a bigger issue such as blockages by tree roots, undergrowth of shrubs, or blockage in main sanitary line that runs in the area. The extent and danger of standing harmful water is such that it is advised to bring in Sewer Backup Cleaning Services who have right tools and methods to carry out the cleaning process.

As sewer backup pose serious health problem in causing illnesses, can damage the house and contaminate your belongings, may cause electrical malfunctions, it is advised to immediately call cleaning service. Sewer backup cleaning services consists a team of professionals who come with necessary equipment to drain the polluted water and cleaning products to remove harmful effects left behind during the cleaning process. The tasks performed by cleaning service includes

  • Inspection of the affected area, devising suitable plane to clean
  • Use of equipment to drain the standing sewer water
  • Removal of every furnishings, carpets, curtains contaminated by sewer backup
  • Flushing out and pouring disinfectants in the drainage pipes
  • Avoid cross contamination from one place to another
  • Disposing the damaged wall boards and floor coverings
  • Use of air movers to capture and remove minute bacteria particles present in the air
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the area to avoid bacteria to spread and cause diseases.

If you have any query you can contact Professional Mold Remediation Services for your home.

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