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Bank wealth management – why we need a bank for our wealth management

Author: Satheesh Vishnu
by Satheesh Vishnu
Posted: Nov 21, 2017

Bank wealth management or private wealth management are two terms used simultaneously and both are actually handled by professionals and experts of financial matters. But these financial advisors work at two different levels, one is they provide individual services second they provide services if they work. In fact, there are more than a few differences. The biggest difference that can be contemplated is the name peculiarity among the two, the word wealth management is an offering the wealth management services, whereas private wealth management is a firm or a private agent managing your wealth and assets. And the similarity is that both, bank wealth management and private wealth management cater big spenders. In order to keep it brief and as much information as possible, we decided to divide this article into two sections and a conclusion to conclude the debate for once and for all. It is to be noted that the terms and scenarios we will discuss in this article are better suited for the individuals living in Dubai. More specifically spoken, we will talk about private wealth management in Dubai, top wealth management firms in Dubai, Priority services provided in Dubai, wealth management in Dubai, wealth management companies in Dubai, and wealth management consultants Dubai and all are working for business purposes.

Top bank services for wealth management in Dubai

Bank wealth management is dedicated to handle an individual’s financial dealings and provide advisory on investment, retirement, insurance and mortgage planning. Since these services are provided, it is safe to assume that an individual’s wealth manager will advise preferring he belongs to. This makes it a little biased in terms of open suggestions provided by usually wealth managers. However, this is not a bad thing after all. Wealth management also gives priority services to such individuals, and these can include leniency on large amount withdrawal or check transfer. And give updates on investment updates, plus save the customer the time of waiting in line. Other than all the services are more or less the same. To be honest these bank wealth management services can provide you with the desired results sooner than a wealth management firm can. The reason behind this is obvious. One and foremost reason is; the hired wealth manager can provide the solutions whenever needed by just consulting his colleague and other employees present in the room. Besides that, he is, in fact, an employee so he can probably bring in all the perks of services by just going to the manager office. So, you may know what bank wealth management do, for more information you probably will need to visit your nearest Mashreq bank or go to the website for further details.

On the other hand, private wealth management firms which cater big financial dealings. With being one of the most taken options. It offers all the services that in Dubai offers. But, with little limitations. Similar to an advisor, the financial advisor from private wealth management firms also spend loads of time with their clients. It should be noted, that whether a bank wealth management or a firm in Dubai. Both will offer these service only when they are paid a handsome amount of money. Since in the end, it is the client making the profits. So, it is important to understand that when a bank wealth management or firm is helping a client, they are also doing their job. It is their job to do so, and client’s profits are a wealth management profit. So, you now know the main difference between bank wealth management and wealth management firm. And if you are also living in Dubai. It is important at the certain time in life you will need to hire one for your wealth management. It makes sense because you will learn a lot in these days and you may enjoy a handsome profit during this period. Bank wealth management is much more helpful for future investment purposes in Dubai.
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