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Does Pancreas Produce Insufficient Insulin? It May Lead To Diabetes

Author: Ramdev Medicine
by Ramdev Medicine
Posted: Nov 21, 2017
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Have you heard about another silently-sitting disease that can be life threatening in the long run? Like high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus or hypoglycemia is a state of the body where the sugar is not metabolized properly, and it lies in the blood freely. The glucose travels to different parts of the body where it starts to damage the organs beyond repair.

The pancreas has beta cells that produce a hormone called insulin. This insulin helps absorb the glucose in the blood but sometimes the pancreas fails and there is no insulin produced by the beta cells. There may also be insufficient insulin to balance the glucose. In these cases the blood sugar levels are imbalanced and the insulin is not properly assimilated or processed. This means trouble and the freely moving about glucose can spell very dangerous for the body as it starts to eat the body from deep within. Slowly the immune system fails and the body falls a prey to other illnesses.

We eat food to satisfy hunger and this food is converted into glucose that provides the different cells in the body with energy. The cells work smoothly with the help of the energy provided by the glucose but when this glucose is not converted into energy it lies in the blood stream freely. The cells need to absorb the sugar to produce energy for proper cell functioning. The cells start losing energy and the body feels weak and starts to lose weight. It’s imperative to make dietary and lifestyle changes for the diabetics.

With a few alterations in their daily routine diabetics can live healthy and fit lives. Exercise, lots of green leafy vegetables and water is the mantra to good health. Stay away from artificial beverages and aerated drinks as these have empty calories and can aggravate the sugar content in the blood.

Junk and fried foods also increase the calories and increase the sugar levels in the blood. Ramdev medicine for Diabetes is a very effective ayurvedic remedy to treat diabetes as it helps assimilate the sugar better and also helps in the production of insulin. These herbal elements are safe and collected from nature after meticulous efforts. Take a brisk walk every day for about 45 minutes this will help in utilize glucose and rejuvenate the body.

Stress and excessive weight gain is very harmful and can lead to cardiovascular disorders and kidney complications. Fruits like guava, apple, and jamun are good for diabetics and can be taken easily. This does not increase the sugar or calorie intake of the body. Fenugreek and bitter gourd are very helpful in keeping the sugar levels controlled. These remedies also help in increasing the immunity of the body. People who suffer from diabetes need to keep breaking their fast and eating a small munch to keep the sugar and insulin levels balanced. Cholesterol and high blood pressure levels also need to be paid attention to at all times.

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